Mathematical Sciences Building

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msb-front.jpgfront of the building msb-entrance.jpgentrance and an adjacent bike rack The Mathematical Sciences Building (MSB) is now complete and occupied by members of the Mathematics Department, who moved there in December of 2005 after a few months of unanticipated delay.

Located on campus between Academic Surge, Engineering III and the Crocker Nuclear Lab, this new facility for Mathematics, Statistics, and Computational Science and Engineering is where most of the residents of Kerr Hall moved.

Brown construction did well recycling construction waste. Working with R4 Recycling, they achieved a diversion rate of over 90% of waste generated on site, including concrete, wood, metal and gypsum wall board.

Opinions about the building's design have been mixed. Math Department staff members and some grad students have been heard to express their admiration at its beauty and amenities, but some of the building's resident researchers complain that its design doesn't encourage the kind of casual discourse that often leads to fruitful collaboration. Also, it is generally agreed that the elevators in MSB are, as one student put it, "the worst new elevators ever." Almost every large room, particularly the big office on the second floor, has a spot in which your voice echoes. It's rather strange and seems like a possible flaw in the buildings construction.

The second floor has a computer lab for students enrolled in certain math and programming classes. The first floor has the "Calculus Room," a drop-in place for students in the MAT 16 series to get homework and tutoring help.

There are [WWW]several pictures of the interior and exterior of the building, just after completion.

Here are some floor plans to help navigate the building:
msb1.jpgFirst Floor

msb2.jpgSecond Floor

msb3.jpgThird Floor

Other Photos

sign-math.jpg constr-math.jpg math_bldg_04_29_2005.JPG math_sci_5_20_2005_1.JPG

math_sci_5_20_2005_2.JPG math_8_31_2005.JPG South_Wing_Math_Building.JPG msb-evening.jpg


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