Mediterranean Collection


Medi.jpgPhoto by Allan Jones photo.jpg With its fine views of the Coast Range and its attractive location along the north fork of Putah Creek, the Mediterranean Section is a popular tour destination.The rare Sahara cypress, a grove of Aleppo pines, an allee of olives, and plants from the islands of the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands are special features of this area. This section is also noted for its collection of culinary and medicinal herbs, including the traditional Mediterranean herbs (sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano).

Medi Flowers - Mia Ingolia MEDI2.jpgPhoto by Mia Ingolia

Medi - Tulipa saxatilis - candia tulip - Mia Ingolia.jpgTulipa saxatilis - candia tulip. Photo by Mia Ingolia

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