Michel-Novelozo Gallery

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603 4th Street at corner of E Street
Mon-Thu 10:00AM-2:00PM
(530) 756-5752
Web site
[WWW]http://www.michel-novelozo.com (down as of 2005-11-06)

The Michel-Novelozo Gallery is an art gallery in Davis. It displays photographic works in the front room and basement. It replaced the JGlenn Gallery.

APEX Cycles used to be located in their basement but in 2008 moved to their own building on G Street.


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2005-09-30 15:16:57 Do they have a website, or e-mail address? —GeoffJohnson

2006-10-26 01:49:19   I went there once on gallery night and saw some amazing pinholes! I also saw my high school zoology/botany teacher out with his daughter. The gallery had cookies that were a whole bunch'a' delish!! —MatthiasGropp

2011-09-26 10:39:09   The Gallery closed in 2008 and Neil Michel moved his Photography business to A private studio off of G Street. —Aaron.Curtin

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