Mishka's Cafe/2005 Reviews


These are reviews of Mishka's Cafe from 2005. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-03-18 16:01:22   I'm thinking that Mishka's is no longer a place to just study, but to study, see, and be seen. Perhaps that was already obvious to most people. I don't mind so much, but it is just a tad annoying to feel like I'm caught in the middle of a "scene". —Savvy/AnnieSirrah

2005-03-18 16:05:43   True, there are different places for different scenesters.....whatd you didn't know? Now that Mishka's has been outted as a scenester place I am sure it will lose its sceneters and resume normal function —JimSchwab

2005-04-10 13:22:31   I feel that Mishka's has the most quality coffee in town... —ElliotJorgensen

Good raspberry sorbet.....I need to try their drinks. —CynthiaHe

2005-09-14 18:47:47   who are the major hotties who work there? —ApolloStumpy

2005-09-18 16:02:33   It's too hot in there :( Most snow-lovers will probably prefer starbucks. —MichaelGiardina

2005-09-18 20:31:46   the chairs there make my musical heart happy —MichelleAccurso

2005-10-16 23:46:23   Don't know what made this guy catch my eye... it must have been that I was waiting for a prime seat. So anyway, I'm sitting there at my computer, eyeing the seats along the wall, and I see this guy get up. Perhaps a seat near a plug is soon to be available? No... the guy is reaching into his backpack. He's pulling out a magazine. Perhaps he's going to read outside, catch some sun for a moment? No...he has grabbed the key to the bathroom off the hook near the register. WAIT! He isn't... he isn't....yup he is and he DID! I kid you NOT!!! This guy actually took his magazine, and the bathroom key to the restroom!!! Oh come on! I know we shouldn't live in pain and get constipated, but a magazine?!?!? No wonder why I don't use the shit smear stained restrooms at Mishka's, as long as I can help it. People think it's their own personal restroom. By the way, I timed this guy for curiosity's sake. 10 Minutes!! Again, I am NOT making this up! —AnnieSirrah

2005-10-16 23:51:41   Took my folks there today. They said the coffee was very good. My roommate rather enjoyed the Kahlua Chocolate Cake. —EmilyTung

2005-11-04 18:41:27   Quick note about the flavour of the coffee (from an employee): It's not watered down. The flavour isn't as strong as some places because we don't over-roast the beans. Certain chains think "burnt" equals "distinctive" and so burnt has become the standard flavour of American coffee. You're free to choose which you prefer, but I promise we ain't ripping you off. —LiamCreighton

2005-11-28 07:16:41   I wish they opened at 7AM. I need my fix. —GrahamFreeman

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