Molecular and Cellular Biology


The Section of Molecular and Cellular Biology contains three majors: Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Cell Biology. There are a large number of faculty currently in this department and doing research in it. A large number of the professors for the BIS 100's series are in this department. In fact, Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef was in the MCB department.

The undergraduate advising offices for these majors are in 156 Briggs Hall.

They offer various seminars through the quarter that address issues in their field which are free to students and faculty.

This is one of the biology majors most connected to the Quantitative Biology and bioinformatics minor. A lot of the classes in this minor focus on mathematical models in molecular and cellular biology.

Courses Offered

Lower Division
MCB 10 - Introduction to Human Heredity

Upper Division
MCB 120L - Biochemistry Laboratory

MCB 121 - Molecular Biology of Eukaryotic Cells

MCB 122 - Structure and Function of Proteins

MCB 123 - Behavior and Analysis of Enzyme and Receptor Systems

MCB 124 - Macromolecular Structure and Function

MCB 126 - Plant Biochemistry

MCB 128 - Undergraduate Seminar in Biochemistry

MCB 140L - Cell Biology Laboratory

MCB 142 - Advanced Cell Biology: Contractile and Motile Systems

MCB 143 - Cell Biophysics

MCB 144 - Mechanisms of Cell Division

MCB 145 - Assembly and Function of Cell Signaling Machinery

MCB 148 - Undergraduate Seminar in Cell Biology

MCB 150 - Embryology

MCB 150L - Laboratory in Vertebrate Embryology

MCB 158 - Undergraduate Seminar in Development Biology

MCB 160L - Principles of Genetics Laboratory

MCB 161 - Molecular Genetics

MCB 162 - Human Genetics

MCB 163 - Developmental Genetics

MCB 164 - Advanced Eukaryotic Genetics

MCB 178 - Undergraduate Seminar in Molecular Genetics

MCB 182 - Principles of Genomics

MCB 190C - Undergraduate Research Conference

MCB 191 - Introduction to Research

MCB 192 - Internship

MCB 193 - Advanced Research

MCB 194H - Research Honors

MCB 197T - Tutoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology

MCB 198 - Directed Group Study

MCB 199 - Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates

Graduate Studies
MCB 200A - Current Techniques in Cell Biology

MCB 200B - Current Techniques in Biochemistry

MCB 200C - Current Techniques in Biophysics

MCB 220L - Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory Rotations

MCB 221A - Physical Biochemistry

MCB 221B - Mechanistic Enzymology

MCB 221C - Molecular Biology

MCB 221D - Cellular Biochemistry

MCB 241 - Membrane Biology

MCB 242 - Muscle Biophysics

MCB 248 - Seminar in Cell Biology

MCB 251 - Biology of Fertilization

MCB 252 - Cellular Basis of Morphogenesis

MCB 255 - Molecular Mechanisms in Animal Development

MCB 256 - Cell and Molecular Biology of Cancer

MCB 257 - Cell Proliferation and Cancer Genes

MCB 258 - Seminar in Development

MCB 259 - Literature in Developmental Biology

MCB 262 - Transgenic Expression Systems

MCB 263 - Biotechnology Fundamentals and Application

MCB 282 - Biotechnology Internship

MCB 290C - Research Conference

MCB 291 - Current Progress in Molecular and Cellular Biology

MCB 294 - Current Progress in Biotechnology

MCB 295 - Literature in Molecular and Cellular Biology

MCB 298 - Group Study

MCB 299 - Research

Professional Course
MCB 300 - Methods of Teaching

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