Momo Newbon


Momo Newbon is a candidate for the ASUCD Senate with L.E.A.D. running in Winter 2009 ASUCD election.

Candidate Statement and Activities

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Hello everyone! My name is Momo Newbon, and I am running for ASUCD Senate! I am a third year Sociology major and Social and Ethnic relations as well as African American Studies minor from San Diego, California.

In case you've never voted in an ASUCD election before (and that's most of the student body) here's a little bit of info—there are twelve seats in the ASUCD Senate, and six of them are up for election this quarter! Because ASUCD elections use choice voting, where you RANK the candidates instead of just picking one, just remember to vote Momo Newbon #1 and the rest of the LEAD slate #2-6!

UCD Involvement / Experience

Platform Issues / Senate Goals:


* Establishing a brochure for students on academic probation in order to retain students, instead of dismissing them. There will also a blurb on SMARTSITE linking you to the brochure if a student runs into problems and does not know where to get the brochure. Also, making sure that students who are performing academically well continue to do well by sending out a reminder every quarter of how to continue that path.


* Establishing a transfer student orientation that students actually know about and are able to go to.
* Creating a fall kickoff where transfer and international students are able to come to a safe space and network as well as learn out about other resources.
* Establish a transfer shadow day for transfer students who come in later in the year.


*Establish programs to help students who were in the foster care system transition with more ease and advocate for them by getting funding from other businesses and providing these students with resources to keep them in school.


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2009-01-24 16:04:17   I really like her platform. She will be a good senator. —GregWebb

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