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There's one other roll besides the Diana that has salmon. Don't get it. It sucks. Does anyone know when this place's fish comes in? In never tastes completely fresh when I go. Maybe it's because they have a woman sushi chef. Everyone who's watched Oldboy knows that's not cool, literally. --["Users/ApolloStumpy"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-02-07 14:28:48'' [[nbsp]] One of my favorite Japanese restaurants just because of the friendly and cheerful ambience. I rate the sushi rolls at about a B, and the tempera is very good. ALSO, one of the few places that has tempura ice cream (I like the vanilla). The sushi chefs and waitresses and friendly and provide good service. The to-go service is also excellent and quick, and they also deliver for very cheap. --["Users/LauraChan"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-02-14 19:09:43'' [[nbsp]] I recently had the dragon roll and a couple nigiri sushi, all excellent! I absolutely wouldn't recommend Moshi Moshi for anybody who's got plans though, because the service has been atrociously slow each time I've been there for both dinner and lunch. It took about 20 minutes and accosting the waitress to even place an order, then another twenty minutes to be served! They weren't a whole lot faster with the check. Very nice people, but not really cognizant that people may have plans to do something after lunch/dinner! --["Users/AlphaDog"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-02-20 02:37:53'' [[nbsp]] First tried it when it opened. The quality was absolutely horrid then. After a few years, gave it another chance, and found that their sushi is on par with the best in Davis (Mirai). The one thing this place has going for it is that it doesn't have the restrictive 11-2 and 5-9 hours that most Japanese places have. Perfect for when you have the craving for Japanese food at 2pm, when everything else closes. --["Users/CurtisLim"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-03-09 20:45:37'' [[nbsp]] Really bad miso soup ... and even that's hard to mess up. --["Users/MindyYang"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-04-03 15:12:43'' [[nbsp]] I think their Miso is excellent, along with anything else on the menu. It gets my vote for best sushi in Davis, hands down, and I've been to them all. --["Users/TiffanySnell"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-05-13 20:10:31'' [[nbsp]] woo this page has filled out since i started it! I still think they have some of the best Nigiri and rolls in Davis, (haven't tried Mirai, Zen Toro is pretty good). However lately I've been making the short drive to Sac and enjoying Taka's , Samurai Sushi over in Folsom was nice too. --["Users/TheodoreSuryapurnama"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-06-09 15:33:38'' [[nbsp]] this place was pretty good. the quality is better than fuji's but not as good as Zen Toro --["Users/JessicaFu"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-07-29 13:42:47'' [[nbsp]] Went here last night with my fiancee. We both got the combination B, which is one entree, salad, rice, some kind of pickled cucumber, and sushi. First off, let me say that the sushi was excellent. Very fresh, with a lot of flavor. The chicken teriyaki I tried was pretty substandard and was the only disappointment of the meal. My fiancee had the tonkatsu, which was excellent. I will definitely return for more sushi. --["Users/AlexPomeranz"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-09-03 11:39:09'' [[nbsp]] This place had some of the best sushi i have had at Davis. their roles are very inventive, and i enjoyed the experience. i had the combination B with tempura and sashimi which was quite fresh and and my friends and i also shared a few rolls. We had the Rochelle roll which was soft shell crap, shrimp, and avacado with a garlic sauce which was very good. we also got the tuna deluxe role which was spicy tuna and esparagus on the inside and seared tuna on the outsidle, the seared tuna was a bit too black peppery for my taste, and i really like black pepper, but it was decent none the less. the regular spicy tuna roll is better here than any other place in Davis. the service was pretty good. this place is slightly better than ["Nobu Hiro"] but more expensive. honestly if i were just getting a combination with sashimi i would go to Nobu because its cheaper and the quality is comparible. But this place has great rolls that you cant find anyplace else. Also just to add i think the sunomono is much better here compared to fuji's and nobu's and the salad dressing is actually quite good which is rare for japanese restaurants. - ["Users/MattHh"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-10-10 21:14:08'' [[nbsp]] The tempura was rather strange when I went there. The batter was much sweeter, thicker, and denser than any I'd ever had before. It wasn't bad, but seemed more like something you'd find coating fish or onion rings at a fish 'n' chips place. Their miso was pretty good; not overly salty, as it tends to be at many places. --["Users/AnnaJones"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-12-16 18:30:04'' [[nbsp]] i ate here all the time during the summer. good food. i'm about to pickup a to-go order as i type this comment. --["Users/HuiChen"]</span> </td> </tr> </table> </div>