Multifaith Student Group

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The Multifaith Student Group meets twice-monthly at CA House
433 Russell Blvd., Davis
CA House: (530) 753-2000
September 2006

The Multifaith Student Group (or MSG) became an official UCD student group in 2006, realizing the hopes of UCD religious leaders and students of different faiths who had planned events together for several years. The MSG welcomes students of all faiths and philosophies. The MSG's three main goals are: to engage in interfaith dialogue, to plan events for interfaith education and awareness on campus, and to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the development of the Multifaith Living Community being built on the CA House property.

The Multifaith Student Group often works in conjunction with the Interfaith Campus Council, in particular to help plan the annual Interfaith Progressive Dinner, which began in 2003. Its unknown if the dinner includes [wikipedia]MSG.


Position 2006-2007
Student Leader [MAILTO]Joseph Marcus
Student Leader [MAILTO]Meredith Jackson
Student Leader [MAILTO]Shazeb Qadir
Student Leader [MAILTO]Brennan Herdt
Student Leader [MAILTO]Danielle Cooper
Advisor [MAILTO]Rev. Greg McGonigle

Participating Organizations


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2007-02-10 02:12:50   MSG rocks. =) —DanielleLee

2010-02-07 14:10:31   I love MSG. —SunjeetBaadkar

2011-08-27 12:37:11   This groups sounds really cool, even though I may secretly prefer the food additive ;). I wish I new about this group when I went to Davis. —MattHh

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