Music Matt

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||P.O. Box 4005

Please contact me for hours and appointments
<only1musicmatt AT gmail DOT com>

This awesome man excites children about music!!! He's genuine, talented, and truly loves children. Please post more about this guy!!!


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2006-08-14 02:06:29   Music Matt is my nextdoor neighbor. he rocks! —HannahYang

2006-09-25 18:51:15   When I was a kid I used to take piano lessons from matt. I don't play piano anymore but he really opened me to musical studies and now I'm majoring in music partially because of his influence. —OlinHannum

2008-07-16 00:03:35   Music Matt is great... he's performed at my kids birthday parties the past few years. He's great with the kids, and gets them to really focus on the fun side of music. Book him for your kids party, the little ones will love him. —Aaron.Curtin

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