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Davis, being the home of a world-class university (UC Davis) has a vibrant music scene. This includes house shows, clubs/bars/cafes, and UC Davis (Technocultural Studies Dept., Music dept., Mondavi Center for the Arts, and the Entertainment Council (student-run).

Most of the DIY-booked music events in Davis are organized by the freeform community radio station KDVS -look for "KDVS Presents...", including virtually all shows at the Delta of Venus and freelance house shows and the biannual Operation Restore Maximum Freedom all-day festivals, the most ambitious event of its kind anywhere in California north of San Francisco. National-level indie acts are brought to the UC Davis Coffee House or ARC Pavilion via the ASUCD Entertainment Council. Bill Graham Presents or other professional agencies occasionally provide major or mid-major touring acts at Freeborn Hall. RockBand University presents concerts year-round at various venues featuring bands made up of the local Davis youth.

Because we are close to the bigger city, there is a lot of overlap with the [sacramento]Sacramento Music Scene.

There used to be an actual organization known as Davis Music Scene (defunct as of 2007). They organized and fliered for associated bands, and also put on Davis Music Scene shows. They weren't "all" of the Davis Music Scene, but it was convenient for them that their name is so inclusive.

Local Musicians and Bands



These are bands that have either broken up (a.k.a. "indefinite hiatus") or moved out of the area. See also: Significant Davis Bands.

Other Musical Groups

The 80's Music Scene

In the 1980 a compilation called "Out Among the Cows" highlighted the quality and diversity of the music coming out of the Davis in the 1980. Bands such as Thin White Rope, Popealopes, Game Theory, True West, The Suspects and others were on the scene and some band members are still playing (ACME Rocket Quarter, for example). Visit the [WWW]Davis80sMusic web site to learn more. Make sure you check out their [WWW]rough timeline.

Local Record Labels

The California Aggie did an [WWW]article on some of our local labels.



Clubs, Bars, and Restaurants

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Sound Technicians

Studio and for hire musicians

Additional Resources

Shows and other events should be posted on the Events Board.

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