Mustard Seed/2012 Reviews


2012-04-06 20:05:03   Just had dinner tonight with my wife and daughter. Food, wine and service were all very good. Our waitperson was, I believe, Robyn; she was quite gracious and attentive.

Lots of horror stories in these comments, but our experience was quite the opposite. I've dined here a few times over the last decade or so and have always had a pleasant meal. Reccomended. —PaulThober

2012-05-05 02:36:51   My parents and I came here recently during picnic day weekend. We were really impressed with our dishes. It compares to the fine dining that is usually available in the Bay Area. —AndreaA

2012-10-31 11:47:47   What happened to lunch? —ashleyinthemist

2012-12-26 12:49:15   Wow, there is an ABC notice dated December 20, 2012 that the ownership has changed to Young Jai and Young Kin Kwon. Does anyone have more information about this? —ScottLay

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