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Old Mystery Pictures will be here. If the item is particularly interesting please integrate it into the relevant page after the guessing period!

There's also a flickr group called [WWW]guess where davis that has a similar idea...

Mystery_Picture.jpgNature Always Wins, at the Civic Center Park, taken by WesHardaker, guessed by DamanPannu

creek.jpgPhoto posted by: KalenRidenour. It's taken looking down on Putah Creek from Stevenson Bridge.

tracks.jpgPhoto posted by: MichelleAccurso. It's taken behind the Davis Co-Op next to the train tracks.

challenger.jpgPhoto posted by: DanFisher. It's of the Challenger Memorial Grove sign.

light.jpgPhoto posted by: JasonAller. One of the lights in the pathway in front of the southern section of Davis Lumber.

mystery_5.jpgPhoto posted by: MikeIvanov. It's in the parking lot on the West side of the U Mall.

mystery_6.jpgPhoto posted by: PhilipNeustrom. Corner of Russell Blvd. and Howard Way by the UC Davis sign.

mystery_7.jpgPhoto posted by: SummerSong. A [wikipedia]Wil Huygen Gnome at the apartment complex on 1st and C.

mystery_8.jpgPhoto posted by: ArlenAbraham. C-shaped bench between Walker Hall & Shields Avenue, corner of California Avenue.

mystery_9.jpgPhoto posted by: MichelleAccurso. A wall in The Foundation.

mystery_10.jpgPhoto by PhilipNeustrom, Mark Twain at Shields Library (lower level).

temple.jpgPhoto by SarahKlinger, Old Mason Temple.

mantis.jpgPhoto by CraigBrozinsky, Lantana and mantis on corner of 2nd and University Avenue

spider.jpgPhoto posted by: SummerSong. Ugly spider near Davis Athletic Club

3mph.jpgPhoto by CarlMcCabe, a safety-minded sign at Hibbert Lumber.

trash_chute.jpgPhoto by MichaelGiardina and VivianPham, a jerry-rigged trash chute on the southwest corner of the PG&E customer service building.

mystery_12.jpgPhoto by StevenWong, a station on the North Davis Fitness Trail between Mockingbird and Sandpiper.

mystery13.jpgPhoto by VivianPham and MichaelGiardina, a wagon full of irrigation wheels on Mace Blvd..

mystery14.jpgPhoto by Ben. Plaque is located on the south side of the Central Park bathrooms at 5th Street and C Street. Refers to the WPA. The wiki was stumped

mystery15.jpgPhoto by JasonAller. In the north entrance to the downtown Bank of America's parking lot.

mystery16.jpgPhoto by PhilipNeustrom. On County Road 98 just south of where Hutchison Drive ends. This is an old bus advertising the old boat the "Tahoe Queen" that floats on Lake Tahoe.

vet.jpgPhoto by AllisonEriksen. In the courtyard of the VMTH, between the vet hospital proper and the CCAH

mystery18.jpgPhoto by MichelleAccurso. Graffiti in the Richards Underpass

mystery19.jpgPhoto by CarlosBarahona. The fountain between the South Davis Dos Coyotes and Duke's

mystery20.jpgPhoto by MikeIvanov. ???

mystery21.jpgPhoto by KrisFricke. House at the university airport on the west side.

mystery22.jpgPhoto by PhilipNeustrom. The SAE Lions.

mystery23.jpgPhoto by MarionEveridge. Neighborhood Watch sign in the cul-de-sac of Eureka and 8th Street on the way to College Park.

mystery24.jpgPhoto by Tiffany Snell. Fuel Man sign by Hoffmann 76.

mystery25.jpgPhoto by Arlen Abraham. Spikes on the roof of the Human Resources Admin. Building on Orchard Road.

bees1.jpgA bee "colony" on F St. outside of Silver Dragon, Photo by Karl J. Mogel bees2.jpgMagnification... clarification.

where-was-this-taken.jpgThe chains and beams were used back when there was a vet. operating room in Haring Hall. They'd put the horse or other large animal in a sling, suspend it from the chains, and roll it into the OR. Photo by Arlen Abraham

bw_mural.jpgThe courtyard of the art building at Davis Senior High School. Photo by Jason Aller

least-favorite-building.jpgThe ceiling in a classroom in Hoagland Hall. Photo by Arlen Abraham

mystery_paintings.jpgGarage at the corner of 4th and B. Photo by Philip Neustrom

No_Parking.JPGNo Parking sign remounted after tree growth along 8th Street. Photo by Jason Aller

unknown.JPGNear Main and 1st Street in Winters. Photo by Emily Tung

pence_gallery_06.jpgFound in the north east corner of the Pence Gallery.

yourmom.jpgPhoto by ChristyMarsden, On a campus groundskeeping leaf bin. Currently near Wellman Hall

redbarn.jpgPhoto by NormanRiley, Red barn in the 400 block of 7th street setback from road. View from roof of neighboring apt complex

tower.jpgPhoto by NormanRiley, old water tower at the Train Station

nostop1.JPGPhoto by JanelleAlvstadMattson, context sensitive traffic controls near Harper Junior High School

fountain.jpgPhoto by NormanRiley, Children's fountain at Davis Community Church

dots1.jpgPhoto by CarlosBarahona, The Dominoes

NoDachshunds.jpgPhoto by AynReyes, sign on the UCD Bookstore door at the MU

Casino.JPGPhoto by MarionEveridge, bike parking near Freeborn Hall

Mystery_rocks.jpgAt the south-east corner of Roessler Hall, this pit catches rain water as it flows off the roof. Photo by JasonAller

pumpkin.jpgPhoto by MistressAlthaea, Carved pumpkin on the corner of 5th & K

tavernetti-bell.jpgPhoto by AynReyes. Tavernetti Victory Bell, rung by the Aggie Band-uh after each home football victory. Located at the SE corner of the MU parking structure, at the exit from Toomey Field.

another-strange-building.jpgPhoto by ArlenAbraham. An Agro Tech rotating greenhouse that follows the sun. It is located next to the greenhouses by Baggins End. It's function is described on the Orchard Park Greenhouses page.

deformedpigs.jpgPhoto by ArlenAbraham. Behind Haring Hall

Fishytree.jpgPhoto by JosephBiello, Owner of the Davis Bike exchange goes fishing and cleans his catch at work.

weepforme.jpgPhoto by STD. The carbonated water (NOT soda) machine at Mishka's

mysteryfield.jpgPhoto by StevenDaubert. Grande Avenue School Site

mysterytunnels.jpgPhoto by StevenDaubert. 3 T's

Mystery_STD.jpgPhoto by StevenDaubert. Underneath the stairs into the Memorial Union Games Area

mysterygrub.jpgPhoto by StevenDaubert. educated eatery

topiary.jpgHedge near Slide Hill Park by WesHardaker

mysterylines.jpgPhoto by StevenDaubert. Covell's bike path - the shadow is from the underpass/bridge over by F street

mysteryfeb.jpgPhoto by AndrewLeonard. Roof of 1100 Social Science

Shoe_Tree.JPGPhoto by JasonAller 3rd Street between I Street & J Street (across from the SPCA Thrift Store)

fence.jpgPhoto by BryceHathaway in the company of RebeccaWan in the Baker's Square Parking Lot

heartsign.jpgDavis Motto in front of Walnut Terrace

dinowall.jpgDino Wall at the N Street Park — Photo by WesHardaker.

pot.jpgCommunity Gardens on 5th Street — Photo by WesHardaker.

headwh.jpgHouse at the corner of 4th and K — Photo by WesHardaker

flamingos.jpgCLIMB room window on the first floor of Storer Hall — Photo by RebeccaWan and BryceHathaway

wiki!.jpgPicture by AniTejirian at Willowcreek Park

pastaQ.jpgPasta? Fountain by WesHardaker

skylight-of-mystery.jpgEngineering III by ArlenAbraham

aim.jpgMen's room of Caffe_Italia. Guessed by CharlesSmith Uploaded by CarlosBarahona

moto-dragon.jpgThe moto-dragon on Loyola Drive by WesHardaker

bigmensmallbikes.jpgOn an electrical box outside the public library - guessed by JessicaLuedtke - Photo by RebeccaWan and BryceHathaway

redwood_row.jpgA row of redwoods along the Greenbelt Secret Path - picture by EdHenn - guessed correctly by AlexPomeranz

Mystery_Beams.JPGGlass walled buildings on the corner of Fifth and Pena - picture by JasonAller - guess correctly by WesHardaker

stairs.jpgstairwell leading to the parking lot under golden 1 - guessed correctly by WesHardaker - photo by CarlosBarahona

statue.jpgphoto by HeatherFlood - The totem pole in front of Heather Klinger's great-grandparents old house on East 8th Street - guessed by HeatherKlinger.

dsf.jpgphoto by EdHenn at Nugget Fields

parkcolors.jpgphoto by WesHardaker of John Barovetto Park

kite2.jpgphoto by WesHardaker. Davis Police Department lobby ceiling

triangles.jpgphoto by HeatherFlood of the Schaal Aquatics Center shade structure

Mystery_Figure.JPGThe north east corner of F and 8th Street, right by the bike crossing button. Photo by JasonAller

neon.jpgUnder the lights at the MUGA. Photo by AynReyes.

spring.jpgphoto by ElisaHough - N Street Park slide, solved by Jedron

puddle.JPGIn front of Walker Hall. by AlexMandel, guessed by Chadsharply

slippery-when-wet.jpgDo NOT slip! at 508 Second Street guessed by gold — photo by WesHardaker

mystery_fruit.jpgphoto by AynReyes taken at Cindy's

78mystery.jpgphoto by MichelleAccurso taken at Slide Hill Park bench, Guessed by ElisaHough

Daubert_mystery.JPGFoto By JasonAller of bench in Slide Hill Park, Guessed by WesHardaker

mystery1360.jpg'Spike on the roof of the Human Resources Admin. Building on Orchard Road' by AlexMandel

markingtheway.jpgA peace pole in Village Homes, guessed very quickly by JamesSchwab and refined by GeoffJohnson, picture by WesHardaker

ConcentricCircles.jpgPicture by Odyssey

bike.jpgPicture by AlisonKeenan taken on 1st Street in front of Borders

mystery fixture.jpgA milk hatch on the corner of 6th and D. Guessed close enough by MelissaH, with an assist by HeatherFlood. Picture by Jefftolentino

doves.jpgDove sculpture atop the fitness trail gazebo. Guessed correctly by WesHardaker. Picture by Jefftolentino

conduit people.jpgA children's mural at Valley Oak Elementary School. Correctly identified by Elisa Hough. Picture by Jefftolentino

crane.jpgA crane at lurking in the shrubbery at Moller International. Correctly identified by Elisa Hough. Picture by Jefftolentino

food for though.jpgDetail from a Redrum burger billboard on I-80, just west of the south davis bike overpass. Correctly identified by Wes HardakerPhoto by JeffTolentino

geese.jpgGoose protection measures on west Covell. Correctly identified by Carl McCabe, (with a nice assist by the almighty daviswiki). Photo by WesHardaker

trash.jpgTrash and recycles receptacles inside the Coffee House entrance that faces the Quad. Correctly identified by Jedron. Photo by JeffTolentino

stairs2.jpgWatch your step! Photo taken by ElisaHough at the Public Skate Park, Guessed by Rachelottlinger

skyview.jpgView of the Sky, Above the Golden 1 ATM's on 2nd st, guessed bySeanRegan,Photo by WesHardaker

stop.jpgStop by AlexMandel guessed by KarinD, Stop signs in the Facilities Management Electrical Shop yard.

unknown structure.jpgpic by jefftolentino. Identified as the camera obscura A Room With A View by BlairGoss; location guessed by EdHenn

down.jpglooking down by Edhenn; guessed by ElisaHough

patternish.jpgpattern by WesHardaker; identified as a close-up of The Joggers by ElisaHough

thewindow.jpgPhoto posted by: WesHardaker. The photo is of the side of Ace Hardware, guessed by Beth via EdHenn.

Mystery_Picture-1.jpgPhoto posted by: AndrewLeonard. Location behind airport and vineyards guessed by MelissaH

brick.jpgbrickwork in the Environmental Horticulture 'outdoor classroom' - East of Buehler, south of greenhouses - by EdHenn. Found by JasonAller

orangestaircase.jpgStaircase inside Mrak Hall by KarinD guessed by KarinD, uploaded 1/14/08.

wood.jpgby WesHardaker, guessed by BillKendrick, The structure at the top of the stairs above Sophia's Thai Kitchen courtyard.

44.jpgby timlane, guessed by BoristheBlade. Sign by art building.

Mystery_jra.jpgby JasonAller, guessed by LeonardMarque, Bench outside of Nobu Hiro

mystery_jra_revealed.JPGFull view of previous picture of knobs on bench

Cold Drinks.jpgTaken by JeremyOgul outside of Crocker Nuclear Lab, guessed by BrandonBarrette

Davis Cancer Society.JPGUC Davis Cancer Society Office near Tercero by KarinD. Guessed by EarlC

websky.jpgWhere does the sky look like this? by EdHenn. It is in Oxford Circle Park, guessed by Kathleen

createwater.jpgCreate What You Want To See by BrandonBarrette. In the Arboretum under a bridge, guessed by IDoNotExist.

dogs.jpgDogs on Leash by BrandonBarrette. In the Arboretum, guessed by StaceyEllis.

sunnyspring.jpgSunny Spring by WesHardaker, structure that spans the railroad tracks and supports the block signals. Located near 2nd street between Pole Line Road and L Street. Guessed by JimStewart.

Falling Water.jpgFalling Water by IDoNotExist, behind Borders, guessed by WesHardaker.

Not a TARDIS.JPGNot a TARDIS by IDoNotExist, a defunct phone booth in Haring Hall, guessed by DavidPoole.

neighborhood.jpgAnother Path by WesHardaker at the corner of Cowell and Pole Line at the Oakshade Town Center guessed by Nancycat

woodrooster.jpgWooden Rooster by BrandonBarrette. On a post on the south side of 6th Street between C and D streets. Guessed by JohnLofland.

Zig Zag.jpgZigZag by IDoNotExist. Fence along West Pond, guessed by WesHardaker.

Lightwaves.JPGLightwaves by IDoNotExist, object and general location in Shields Library guessed by PhilipNeustrom, exact location of 3rd floor west wall guessed by ArlenAbraham.

handout.jpgHandout by JimStewart. In the entrance to Schilling Robotics, guessed by JasonAller.

sprungspring.jpgSprung Spring by WesHardaker taken in Mace Ranch Park and guessed by MichaelAWoods

parksignjbp.jpgby JoePomidor taken in Yolo County Grasslands Regional Park and guessed by WesHardaker and JasonAller and EdWins

smile.jpgSmile! by WesHardaker taken in front of Holmes Junior High School as guessed by EdHenn

mysteryletters.jpgWhere ISE/IZE This? by KevinChin, from the Senior Citizens of Davis bench on Pole Line Road, guessed by JasonAller

MysteryPicHinds.jpgStairway by TomHinds, from the parking garage north of the Memorial Union. Guessed by StevenDaubert

abc.jpgABC by BrandonBarrette. On a power pole near the Davis Little League Complex on H Street, guessed by StevenDaubert.

mystpic.jpgGeometry at Veihmeyer by JeremyOgul, guessed correctly by KarinD

AnotherT.jpgAn uncommon T by WesHardaker of the only unmarked intersection on the Davis Bike Loop guessed by DavidPoole and KevinChin

pipewerks.jpgPipeWerks by MattJurach in a stariwell of Tupper Hall, guessed by ChrisLambertus.

well well well.jpgWell Well Well by EliseKane. Near the Western Center for Agricultural Equipment on campus, guessed by JasonAller.

daviswiki.jpg"Anything in the DavisWiki is game" on the Plant Gall page by WesHardaker guessed by IDoNotExist

Green Hills.jpgPrickly Pear cactus across the street form the chem 194 building. Mystery picture by IDoNotExist. Guessed correctly by ChrisLambertus

flying monkey.jpgA flying monkey lives in N Street Park as correctly guess by WesHardaker. Pic by JeffTolentino

pacman.jpgWatch out for pac man, by EdHenn. On Renoir by DAC, guessed on first try by StevenDaubert

Chef Pig.jpgWhat a pig! (Pigs in space!), by IDoNotExist. At Zia's Delicatessen.

white-stone.jpgKeystone of old bridge connecting Solano Park and UCD Parking Lot 10, crossing the Arboretum. Guessed by ScottWong.

barn owl and star.jpgWhere does this little barn owl fly? It flies in the Plant Plaza Mosaic as correctly identified by FarazG and StevenDaubert." photo by jefftolentino

mesh.jpgThe whole surface is not the hole surface, by IDoNotExist. The object is a bottle recycling bin in the UC Davis ARC, correctly guessed by jefftolentino.

What lies beyond the gates.JPGWhat lies beyond the gates?, by IDoNotExist, guessed by JoePomidor.

Red thing with holes.JPGWhy, yes. Actually it is..., by IDoNotExist. StaceyEllis got the location, BrandonBarrette got the object

ghostlywiki.jpgAn ephemeral ghost-wiki manifestation in the haunted Crepeville, caught on camera by BrentLaabs.

One small step for Davis.JPGThat's one small step for Davis... Photo by IDoNotExist

hazzard.jpgTrippy distraction could cause tripping by TheAmazingLarry in Young Hall guessed by Reiko.

mpwjh.jpg'Not a spider' by WesHardaker; awning on corner of Anderson Bank building (formerly Barney's!), guessed by jefftolentino

end_of_the_greenbelt.jpgA green belt dead end in Green Meadows, north of the covell/Birch lane crossing, past Renoir, (about 20-40 pedals by bike), excessively described by jefftolentino

utility fruit.jpg'Where do old sneakers go to die in Davis?' (Duke Drive, apparently). Photo by jefftolentino, guessed by dijudy

reflections.JPGPlayfields Park bathroom: toilet bowl with skylight reflection, photo by [WWW]gurglemeow, guessed by IDoNotExist

concrete.jpgeditthisbikepathpostthing, photo by JasonAller, identified by BillM

mystery_1284.jpgLate night snack by AlexMandel, Hay shed behind B Barn, across from Large Animal Intensive Care Unit at the Vet school by ct

AWikiSpot.JPGA Wiki Spot Spot!, photo by IDoNotExist, in the Coffee House guessed by AmitVainsencher

darkness.jpg'Darkness Falls' by WesHardaker, at the UCD Equestrian Center, guessed by ScottWong

fogseason.jpg'Fog Season' by WesHardaker in John Barovetto Park, guessed by jamesmaylee

we are here.jpgSatellite photo of Davis at Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School at the school playground, guessed by jodiane

MysteryMural.jpgBurgers and brew taken by Daubert guessed by ScottWong

thebar.jpgby Daubert Guessed by NickSchmalenberger

blueberry.JPGby Users/Daubert Shotgun semi guessed by JoePomidor

painting.JPGby Daubert guessed by jefftolentino as in Starbucks and refined by KokoSorensen as the downtown starbucks

circles.JPGCircles by WesHardaker, guessed by IDoNotExist and properly named as the "Arboretum Outflow Lift Station " by JasonAller

yum.JPG"Yum" by WesHardaker on the Tree of Life Mosaic guessed by StaceyEllis

AGoodNightsSleep.jpgDo I really look like this when I wake up?, by IDoNotExist, guessed by LillianChow

PressButtonforParty.jpgPress Button for Party!, by AshleyMatson, guessed by Patrick.M

pingpongish.jpg'Green on Brown' at Korematsu, by WesHardaker, guessed by Miley

roundpeg.jpg'What Goes Here' by WesHardaker and guessed by Jefftolentino

moooooooo.jpg'You are what you eat' by WesHardaker guessed by NickSchmalenberger

pipe.JPGPipe and Hose by DagonJones guessed by JasonAller in about 2 minutes

un.JPG'The art of diplomacy' by IDoNotExist guessed by Josix. The letters are from the HOMEBOUND sign above the cash register at Pluto's

bluewheel.JPGBlue Wheel by DagonJones guessed as water well under the Dave Pelz Bike Overpass by CovertEngineer and MikeFolf

IronToadStool.jpgPreviously: 'Iron Toadstool' by jefftolentino guessed by DagonJones with help from IDoNotExist

gasx.JPG'Gas-X ultra strength' by DagonJones guessed by jefftolentino

dumpedbumpy.JPG'Bumpy' by WesHardaker, behind Ace Hardware guessed by DagonJones

rocket.jpg'Rocket' by EdHenn guessed by JeffTolentino

owl.jpg"Sideways Owl" by DagonJones guessed by RogerClark very quickly

windy2.jpgwindy by DagonJones guessed by WesHardaker

Coffin_or_what.jpg"Coffin or what?" near "3rd and A, NE corner" by JASH guessed by CharlesWinkelmann and later by AlexanderHo vandals_heritage.jpg"Vandals' heritage" in the T. Elliot Weier Redwood Grove of the UC Davis Arboretum by JASH guessed by JenniferCook circle.jpgCircle by DagonJones guessed by WesHardaker

shoe tree.jpg"Shoe Tree" by DagonJones guessed as 3rd st downtown (3rd and I) by ilswtlidie

well.jpg"Well" by DagonJones guessed by mktucker circuitbreaker.jpgA real man's circuit breaker by WesHardaker, on the west side of the Hattie Weber Museum guessed by JasonAller

FacingTheSky.jpg"Facing The Sky" by JabberWokky guessed by jefftolentino as "on Mace near the southern edge of town

batdogman.jpg"Bat Dog Man" by WesHardaker on the Sacramento City College as guessed by jefftolentino bugme.jpgBug Me by WesHardaker guessed as the sign near the caterpillar sculpture in central park by jefftolentino

stabbed.jpg"Shot Through the Heart..." by DagonJones guessed by ScottMauger as sculpture on 4th and G.

sunset.jpg"Sunset" by DagonJones guessed by IdoNotExist as Sun at Sunrise Farm. rooftops.jpg"Up on the Rooftops" by DagonJones guesed as Davis PD by BruceHansen

fruitfastfood.jpg"fruit is fast food" by HeatherMartin", outside Kaiser Medical Offices guessed by "Users/MikeFolf"

ELMO.JPGelmo by BryceH carcover.jpgCar Cover — Photo by WesHardaker, next to the WildHorse Golf Course in the Agricultural Buffer, Guessed by AndrewWaldron threedancers.jpgA family of 3, part of Ancient Shadows — Photo by WesHardaker, guessed by Wes-P

oneoffive.jpgPink!!! But not a pony. — Photo by WesHardaker, on 8th Street east of Anderson Road across from the Church, guessed by jefftolentino

Parallels.jpgIndustrial parallels at the Mondavi Center, taken by JabberWokky, guessed by Theangrydiner Fordson.jpgFordson, at the University Airport taken by DamanPannu, guessed by dnm12

monolith.jpgBy BarryRice, in the yard of 516 E street, Guessed by jefftolentino

lion head.jpgBy EliseKane, the door knob at De Vere's Irish Pub, correctly guessed by ChrisDietrich R.jpgBy ChrisDietrich", taken at 950 West Chiles Road, correctly guessed by LillianChow huntwessonsite.jpgBy JeroenPost of the Hunt Wesson Plant, guessed by CovertProfessor

OutdoorsNightNoFilter.jpgBy Daubert. It's the memorial at Northstar Park. —ScottSchiller

MysteryPicJune2014.jpgBy ConstantiaOomen of the South Davis Bike Path, guessed by Skerri

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