Native American Contemplative Garden


The Native American Contemplative Garden sits on the north side of the arboretum, just south of King Hall. It was built, at least in part, because of the discovery of 13 Native American bodies from the Patwin tribe at the site of the Mondavi Center.

allan jones.jpgImage by Allan Jones

NACG.JPGThe end of the trail in the department NACG-Sign.JPGDescriptive sign NACG-Stone-1.JPGThe first stone along the path NACG-Stone-2.JPGThe second stone along the path NACG-Stone-3.JPGThe third stone along the path NACG-Stone-4.JPGThe fourth stone along the path NACG-Stone-4-detail.JPGdetail of the fourth stone

NACG-Stone-5.JPGThe fifth and final stone

NACG-Stone-5-names-2.JPGOne of three panels with names on the last stone NACG-Stone-5-names-1.JPGOne of three panels with names on the last stone NACG-Sign-2.JPGSide note to sign NACG-Stone-3-detail.JPGdetail of the third stone

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