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Just made this last night as a result of a conversation with a friend, and thought it should go on DavisWiki:
Not sure if it really belongs in this article or if I should look for another place to put it? —AndrewHudson

Since there's a section for City Streets, shouldn't there be a section for Campus Streets or UC Davis Campus Streets? There's an option of listing campus streets on Campus, but as Campus is a neighborhood and none of the other neighborhoods list their streets, listing streets on Campus would break precedent. I've added a partial list of campus streets to Streets. —BruceHansen

[WWW]This edit of TG's seems to cover everything that needs to be done for this page, i.e., the Navigating Davis page. It is consistent with the other sections on the page in that it highlights the major streets. I don't think anything further needs to be done on this page. I don't think Campus should be mucked with by adding lists of streets. I think it's find to list the campus streets on Streets. —CovertProfessor

Just limiting talk to this article, I agree with Tom's Campus, except that it should be changed from a subheading to a heading and the name should be changed to UCD Campus. Campus streets aren't City Streets, except City street A Street can be included, as Tom did.

I still think a Navigating Campus or a Getting Around Campus would be well worth doing if it hasn't been touched on already. In addition to listing campus streets and shortcuts, there are a lot of little useful tips that could be shared, such as how 99 percent of bicyclists fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. - SM

Change Campus to UCD Campus. Have what's there now be major navigation. Have another subsection for Scott's idea. Have another subsection for a list of campus streets or some arrangement that would include the names of all the streets, which doesn't exist anywhere on this wiki. -bh

I'm glad that the Campus has maps. They do have to be enlarged to see the streets. Downtown and the Outskirts don't have maps; it would be good if they did. -bh

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