Nerf is a game/sport similar to Airsoft and Paintball. Popular with children and geeks. There is a club on campus dedicated to NERF, Davis Urban Gaming Group

It is played with air or spring powered guns that fire soft foam projectiles, including but not limited to, darts, arrows, balls, and rockets. Because of the relatively low speed of Nerf-like weapons it is a much less dangerous sport, it can even be played indoors, not to mention parks or school campuses (hint hint). The simplicity allows for a variety of modifications to increase accuracy, and range. It is also much less expensive than Airsoft or Paintball with decent Nerf-like weapons or weapon sets costing anywhere from $6 to $40 USD.


Game Types

There many types of games that can be played with Nerf-like guns, almost anything that can be played with Airsoft or Paintball can be adapted to Nerf. Including but not limited to:


Where To Buy

In addition to the Manufacturer websites you can also purchase a variety of nerf-like guns at the following retailers.


If you play Nerf or are interested in playing Nerf add your name to the list below.


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We should really try and get this going, because I'm sure there's more people interested than six. I think if NERF guns were more readily available then we could get some games started. —JohnDudek

2012-10-18 14:47:52   I. want. to. play! :D —PhillipAndrews

2012-11-09 13:23:52   We've had a club for this on campus for about a year now. Davis Urban Gaming Group. Saturdays, Death Star, 8pm. —MaxwellKappes

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