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We must keep as our goal turning away from production for war and expanding production for peace.png This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town.
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outside.jpgMarch 2010

231 G Street Suite 8
(next to Copyland and across the street from Jusco Sushi)
Everyday: 11am-7pm
(530)756-8388 (Disconnected)

As of 3/31/10, sign on door says "closed until further noticed."

Next G Wireless is the only T-Mobile exclusive store in Davis. This store claims to offer the most competitive prices on cell phones and cell phone equipment in the Davis area. FlexPay is open for any individual who does not wish to pay deposits or enter into a contract agreement. The FlexPay option has monthly rates very similar to that of a two-year contract.

Product 0yr FlexPay 2yr New 2yr Renewal 2yr FlexPay
G1 Android $400.00 $125.00 $300.00 $275.00
Blackberry Curve 8900 $525.00 $200.00 $425.00 $350.00
Samsung T919 $425.00 $100.00 $325.00 $250.00
Samsung T929 $500.00 $225.00 $400.00 $400.00
Blackberry Pearl 2 $375.00 $50.00 $275.00 $200.00
Motorola W490 $175.00 $FREE $75.00 $50.00
Nokia 5310 $225.00 $FREE $125.00 $75.00
Nokia 5610 $275.00 $FREE $175.00 $100.00
Samsung T459 $225.00 $FREE $125.00 $75.00
Samsung T819 $250.00 $FREE $150.00 $75.00
Sony TM506 $200.00 $FREE $100.00 $50.00
Blackberry Flip [Special Order] $375.00 $50.00 $275.00 $200.00
Prices are subject to change without notice. "2yr New" is based on a $39.99/month contract. Special conditions may apply.

The store also appears to have an iPhone unlock service to allow an iPhone to be used with any wireless provider for $30. Probably the only store I know of that'll unlock phones. Interesting.


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2004-12-13 18:48:49   I got my phone here after my Cingular contract was up. Great prices on phones and accessories here, one of the better places for people used to the SoCal and Bay Area cell phone scene. - KenNeville

2004-12-14 21:29:50   Got my Nokia 6600 Here for a very low price. Awesome service, and always willing to answer silly questions. Also! $200 coupon in the Comic Free Press - TarZxf

2005-02-13 19:38:05   very very helpful and knowledgeable! —KristenBirdsall

2007-12-13 16:18:35   This place is awful. I went there last year to get a Sidekick II, the advertisement said it would be free with a one-year contract. The guy working, Jonathan Nasca, lied to me and my friend, we were charged $80 per phone and said we would get a rebate. We got no rebate, and the headquarters refused to give us our money back. The accounts had the names and addresses mixed up, and we were unknowingly signed up for a two-year contract instead of one. By far, the worst wireless store I've ever dealt with. —campbellb

2008-04-02 12:40:02   Got a new phone here in late March. The guys here werehelpful and the prices was great. Overall, T-mobile has good reception pretty much anywhere in Davis, comparable to AT&T, which I have used before. —CClaw

2008-05-07 16:31:12   i bought a side kick lx from next g wireless about a month ago. I got the phone for only 80 bucks with a 50 dollar rebate. T mobile has great service. The sales reps at the store were helpful with all my questions. Im pretty happy with the service i recieved. —bennyb

2010-08-04 10:12:40   Are they still in business? They are literally NEVER there. —Aaron.Curtin

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