Night Time

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  1. Restaurants
    1. Restaurants open past 10pm every night
    2. Restaurants past 10pm Some nights
    3. Fast food past 10pm
    4. Delivery past 10pm
  2. Studying
    1. Places to study past 10pm
  3. Outside Davis Late-night
    1. Bars
    2. Erotic
    3. Food outside Davis past 10pm
      1. Interesting Fast Food Joints
      2. Sit-down
  4. Activities
    1. Get cultured!
    2. Random things to do past 10pm
    3. Watch the Game - Sports Bars
    4. Haunted Houses
    5. Bowling
    6. Darts
    7. Table Tennis
    8. Pool
    9. Video Games
      1. DDR
    10. Air hockey
    11. Trivia
    12. Gambling
    13. Exercise
    14. Movies & Video Stores
      1. Video Stores
      2. Free Movies
      3. Theatres with Late Films
  5. Entertainment
    1. Go to the Mondavi Center
    2. Dancing
      1. DJ (Pop / Hip-hop Dancing)
      2. Salsa Dancing
      3. Country Dancing
      4. Swing Dancing
      5. Erotic Dancing
    3. Live Music
    4. Karaoke
    5. Open Mic Night
    6. Comedy
    7. Happy Hour

Davis can be strange and eerie at night. When murders of black crows fly overhead, thieves scurry about, and unless the fog rolls in, you can see stars. It can feel like Davis is the setting for a scary movie. Some people refer to night time as "dark time."


Once night comes along, the little bugs come out.

bug1.jpg bug2.jpg

You run into these little critters scuttling all over Campus at night, as well as some spots Downtown. As evening falls, you may be in search of entertainment (especially in the summer when evening brings a drop in temperature) or somewhere that's still open to grab a bite to eat. This page is a place to assemble information about things that happen and things to do during night time, and, really, anything else related to the night. Most businesses in Davis close fairly early, so, whether you’re in dire need of caffeine while pulling an all-nighter for tomorrow’s exam, meandering around after last call, or simply bored out of your gourd, it's important that we all know what's open late and what our options are!

See also Events Board, Date Ideas, Bars, Gambling, Adventures, Davis Wish List, All-Nighters, 18 and Older and Study Spots.


Note that some restaurants have slightly different hours during summer.

Restaurants open past 10pm every night

Restaurants past 10pm Some nights

Fast food past 10pm

Delivery past 10pm


Places to study past 10pm

Outside Davis Late-night

If all the restaurants in Davis are closed, you can still go outside Davis. But where to go...? Here's some ideas


(See also: Bars and avoid the taboos.)


Food outside Davis past 10pm


Get cultured!

Random things to do past 10pm

Watch the Game - Sports Bars

Haunted Houses



Table Tennis


see Pool Tables

Video Games

Air hockey



Almost all Casinos are open all night long, and most card rooms are at least open till 2am. See Gambling


See Gyms.

Movies & Video Stores


Go to the Mondavi Center


(see also Dancing)

Live Music


Open Mic Night


Happy Hour

This guide was originally prepared by jr for the November 2004 King Hall Advocate, and has grown substantially since then.

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