Nonviolent Communication Practice Group


We've all been conditioned over decades into destructive communication habits. And so just knowing that there are alternative tools isn’t enough, we need to practice these new tools regularly. Only through regular practice will we see a change in how we naturally communicate with others. That's why I offer a free Nonviolent Communication Practice Group twice a month. Coming to this group will help you get practice in using Nonviolent Communication tools and techniques. You'll learn ways to express your emotions, be conscious of your needs, and ask other people to help you in ways that they can hear you. Come find a way to create less stress in your own life, facilitate conflicts, and see and embrace others when it is hardest to hear them.

Always open to drop-ins, we meet at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church: 640 Hawthorn Lane in classroom 8. We gather on the First and Third Monday of the month at 6 pm. Sessions run for 2 hours. Participation is free. You can find more information at [WWW]Kind Communication

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