North Davis Fitness Trail


This fitness trail runs along the boundary of North Davis, starting from about Falcon Avenue and moving northeastwards toward Sandpiper Drive. The last station (stretching/cool-down) is in Northstar Park across the street from Sandpiper.

A great feature of this trail is that it is bounded on one side by a canal and open farmland. In addition, there is great foliage and flowers along both sides of the trail in many places.

Below are images of several of the stations along the trail. The photos were taken in May of 2005. They are more or less in order from the southwest beginning of the trail to the northeast.

Also check out the Fitness Trail Gazebo.



03.JPG 04.JPG 05.JPG 06.JPG 07.JPG 08.JPG 09.JPG

10.JPG 11.JPG 12.JPG 13.JPG 14.JPG

Updated images 4/1/12 (no, not an April Fool's joke)

NDFT1.jpg NDFT2.jpg NDFT3.jpg NDFT4.jpg NDFT5.jpg NDFT6.jpg NDFT7.jpg NDFT8.jpg NDFT9.jpg NDFT10.jpg NDFT11.jpg NDFT12.jpg NDFT13.jpg NDFT14.jpg NDFT15.jpg NDFT16.jpg NDFT17.jpg NDFT18.jpg NDFT19.jpg NDFT20.jpg NDFT21.jpg NDFT22.jpg NDFT23.jpg NDFT24.jpg NDFT25.jpg NDFT26.jpg NDFT27.jpg NDFT28.jpg NDFT29.jpg NDFT30.jpg NDFT31.jpg

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