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Davis is home of many published authors, most of whom at one time or another have appeared at The Avid Reader. The University is home to many, many published authors. Books recently published by UCD-affiliated authors are for sale at the UC Davis Bookstore next to the Comfy Chairs located to the right as you enter.

There are also many student writers in town.

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2006-03-02 20:46:39   Ok. I've come across somebody who I believe is a local author, but I'm not quire sure on his real name, I only know that people call him Butch. He's probably in his 50's and he tends to hang out at a lot of cafes in North Davis and a lot of students seem to know him. I overheard someone saying that he writes books that have stories about the people he meets. Does anybody know anything about this guy? —AbbyLawson

2006-11-28 17:10:36   You could be talking about Mr Bruce? —StevenDaubert

2006-11-29 16:53:09   What about Assc. professor Emily Albu? She's written a couple books and lives in Davis. —MyaBrn

2009-03-15 20:43:54   Ugh. Books should be italicized, not in quote marks. Somebody should fix this. —CovertProfessor

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