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''2011-08-07 03:00:40'' [[nbsp]] I have had the same experience with the owner Michael outside of the dojo. He exposed himself to me in the men's restroom at an establishment in Davis and later I observed him harassing people inappropriately because apparently he felt that he is in a position to do so because no one will challenge him. I advise you not to support this man, he does not need business if he does not show respect for others in public places. --["Users/RichardHeart"]

This page is for discussing the contents of Nova Geração Davis Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

I've removed the following two comments, which come from the same IP address. The second one, if remotely untrue, is completely libelous:

2011-08-07 02:12:22   DO NOT GO HERE. Fair warning the owner, michael, is very inappropriate and unprofessional outside of class. He does not represent himself with much integrity and he is not someone I want to be around. I'm out —HenryUtley

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