November 2007 Election/Measure P



Measure P was one of the measures in the November 2007 Election. It passed, increases funding to library services, programs and facilities. Without increased funding, then current service levels could not have be maintained and the expansion and refurbishing of the library would have been deferred.

According to a pamphlet at the library, by approving Measure P you will be protecting the library. This means:

Fiscal impact:

For more information call 530-753-4873.

Election Materials

Yes_P_1_Front.jpg Yes_P_1_Back.jpg

Yes_P_2_Front.jpg Yes_P_2_Back.jpg


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2007-09-23 16:24:18   are there people campaigning against this measure? —JessicaRockwell

2007-10-04 13:46:52   Someone came into our business today and was upset about the $44 per unit increase, saying this will make rental housing less affordable. If a landlord passes along the tax, it will increase rent by $3.66 per month. I will give my opinion: the maintained & increased services will be of more benefit to more low income people than the potential rent increase. —DougWalter

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