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These are reviews of Nugget from 2009. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2009-01-26 15:41:53   I highly recomment Nugget for special occasion cakes. Having forgotten about an office birthday, I went at the last minute to Nugget, hoping to find one of their delicious Carmel Apple cakes. They didn't have any in the pastry case. It was just before closing, but they promised I could pick one up the next morning at 9am. I told them what to write and asked them to add a little soccer ball. Well...not only was it ready on time, but they did an OUTSTANDING job decorating it, for no extra charge. It had a large 3-D soccer ball made of frosting, and little tufts of grass all around. The writing was lovely. I couldn't have been happier! More importantly, my coworkers raved about the cake itself and asked where I'd gotten it. I will be back, for sure! —Linda

2009-02-07 13:48:37   I love this store!!! Their sandwiches are to die for but their chinese food not so much. The people at checkout are always so kind. Even when i'm with my meathead boyfriend, they still ask me if i need help out to the car. —BettyBean

2009-02-13 14:28:30   I have taken their low price survey about 5 times or so now, and they have won that should dispell the notion that they are more expensive than Safeway, Raley's and Bel Air (the 3 competitors I've used for my surveys). Maybe the notion that they are more expensive comes from their sandwiches or ready-to-go foods. Both are pricey, but let's be honest, it's way better than Safeway or Raley's. —AmLin

2009-03-01 18:38:45   I love The Nugget but when I went to the one on Covell on Friday, they wouldn't accept my "out of the area" check and left my groceries there in the bags. My friend had to buy them for me, which was LAME. The stupid thing is that no more than 3 weeks ago, I went to the Nugget and paid with an "out of the area check" and it was fine. Fuck you, Covell Nugget! —JasonMasino

2009-05-12 16:02:58   I went to the Covell location on cinco de mayo to buy limes and margarita mix. When I went to check out, the cashier asked to see my ID and refused to sell me the NON-ALCOHOLIC mix because I was under 21. When I politely asked if it was some kind of store policy he rudely told me that no, it is the law. It is certainly NOT against the law to buy a NON-ALCOHOLIC beverage. I simply walked next store to longs and bought the exact same thing there.
I'm done shopping at Nugget until they train their employees correctly to not turn away (and embarrass) customers who have done nothing wrong. —dijudy

2009-05-31 19:05:25   Nugget is still my favorite store. The service is wonderful. And my daughter likes the Chinese food and I like not having to cook dinner. —HazelWatson

2009-06-15 17:47:16   Nugget sandwiches are amazing. Salsa-lito turkey, basil aioli, muenster and a bunch of veggies on sliced sourdough is one of my favorite meals in Davis.

The rest of the store generally matches the sandwich counter's awesomeness; the beer selection blows Safeway out of the water (putting it close to Co-op). —JamesWaterhouse

2009-06-16 19:19:22   This is the best grocery store in Davis. The produce, meat and delicatessen selections are huge and the quality is great. It is, however, expensive. An "equivalent" weekly shop for the two of us, anecdotally, costs about $30 less in Safeway. One question I have though... what on earth is the point of the Nugget card? It sure seems to be only to help Nugget track customers' buying habits! I say this because after they logged our buying data for a year, we got a voucher for 50% off a $6.99 poinsettia . Is that all there is to it? If so, I don't see any reason to facilitate their stock optimization processes unrewarded. —Mazzle

2009-06-17 12:19:11   Dear Nugget Market Baggers and Cashiers:

Please stop smashing my fruits and vegetables!!! If you want to smash produce and put it back on the shelf that is one thing, but once I have paid for the things in my shopping cart, they belong to me and as my property they should be treated as such. If YOU had paid $5 for a bag of apples, or $4 for a bunch of bananas I know for a fact you wouldn't be smashing them.

Here are a few simple guidelines for bagging groceries. If you cannot understand how to follow these rules, then please just get out of my way and let me bag my own groceries thanks:

1. SOFT THINGS GO WITH OTHER SOFT THINGS. Hard things with hard things, and heavy things with, that's right you guessed it, OTHER HEAVY THINGS. Some heavy things just go it alone, because they are either too big for a bag, or too heavy, or would be a waste to bag at all.

2. If I have 3 canvas bags this does not mean all of my groceries should fit into them. Sometimes I buy more, sometimes less, if I have more I would like some plastic bags. If I have less you shouldn't put all of my groceries into one bag (see rule 1).

3. If I have a large canvas bag this doesn't mean you can load 20 lbs worth of groceries into ONE BAG. I have to carry this from my car to my house and would prefer to have an even distribution of weight per bag. To be honest you have no clue how people carry things home so you better pack in the most evenly distributed manner possible.

4. Layering is very important, as things come down the line put the heavier and more sturdy items in first and then lighter and more easily broken, bruised and squished items on top or last. Watch out for sharp poking objects. A bag of chips ARE NOT a cushion for 6 cans of soup!!!

Seriously folks, if you cannot bag groceries how can you expect to move up in the grocery business? Let alone the world? How would you like it if I came over to your house and sat on your cereal, stomped on your greens, practiced juggling with your pears, used your bananas for a hand cushion and threw tomato cans at your mushrooms? Seriously. I will do it and you don't have to pay me a cent.

Let me re-iterate for the last time, if you can't bag groceries, don't even try. I prefer to do it myself because I am a control freak and if I am paying $75 for basic necessities I want them to actually be EDIBLE when I get home. I would also appreciate it if you did not act like your soul has been crushed when I say I would like to bag my own groceries. No offense, I don't trust my juicy perishables with just anyone.

I have also noticed that every basket of strawberries I buy from your store appear to have been processed by paint shakers. Please stop this.


2009-06-28 20:45:28   this person left the EXACT same comment on the Safeway page. Somehow I think he/she is just a person who is never happy with bagging anywhere. Just do it yourself then. Love your deli in South Davis, heading there now. —patrick82

2009-06-29 13:11:44   Actually that is untrue, in many areas of Sacramento both Nugget and Safeway give excellent service in regards to bagging. Thanks for your attempt at helpful advice. —CarrieBishop

2009-06-29 14:01:54   it wasnt meant to be helpful advice. It was pointing out your cut and paste method. —patrick82

2009-07-26 09:10:46   Darn good house coffee beans. Very smooth (even when prepared strongly in a french press) and has a nice nutty character — like almonds. Bonus for being "organic" and being very competitive with other brands when on sale. I was also happy to find Indian food in a pouch which requires no further cooking. Perfect for camping and certainly saved me a trip to Trader Joe's. I'm a lazy camper; dishes are the last thing I want to do after a full day's survey work in streams :-) Amazing selection of bulk granola and tequila! —RyanMikulovsky

2009-09-04 13:46:38   Nugget is one of the most beautiful markets I've been to. A little pricey? It can be, but it really depends on what you choose to buy and how you shop. There are definitely more expensive gourmet choice available, but there are also cheaper choices as well as the "STOP" discounts. With a little bit of discretion, you can shop just as economically here, and with a greater grocery shopping experience! Couple bits of advice:

1) Make sure you are VERY FULL before you come here. Otherwise, you will be mesmerized and will be tempted to buy the whole store. I personally went after deliberately eating two large sandwiches and I STILL made several impulse buys..

2) the produce section is cunningly organized so that the expensive, albeit gorgoeous, organic produce is in the front, greeting you as you enter. The regular, (normal priced) produce is beyond, so keep that in mind! —Vegaofthelyre

2009-10-22 01:21:38   I have never walked into such an eye-pleasing market in my life until I walked this store. Every time I pass through Davis I stop here to pick up some flowers and fresh cookies :) —allwalksoflife87

2009-12-07 15:23:37   Probably the best thing about this place, for me, is that the employees are young and happy. I feel awful when I go to Safeway and the employees look like miserable slaves.

Not to mention that the food is top-quality. If you are into hard-to-find European foods, this is the place for you. Fage yogurt - super yum. Clotted cream - nom. Ghee? Got it. Miso paste? Check. Well stocked with organics and free-range foods. —dizzyditz

2009-12-29 16:17:14   I hadn't really come here before this year, but I enjoy the big selection of bread they offer, although you should come in before 2 so that you can get it fresh. Also, its one of 3 places in Davis that has almond croissants, and they are yummy. The MU and Konditorei have them too, but their hours aren't as expansive as Nugget. —BrookeB

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