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Oakshade_Apts_row.jpg rainbow.jpgRainbow from Apt#128

2120 Cowell Boulevard (part of Oakshade Commons)
(South Davis, just south of the Cowell Blvd. & Interstate 80 intersection)
FULL SIZE washer/dryer in each unit
Central heat/air
Designer kitchens w/ stainless appliances, granite countertops
Slate shower surrounds
Professional management.. (finally)
Office Hours
Mon - Fri 9am-5pm


Oakshade Commons Apartments offers primarily four-bedroom apartments with one two-bedroom unit and one five-bedroom unit; apartments are leased through FPI Management. Rents are openly published, and range between $1800-$3700. There are flexible options for roommates, so you should consider the per-person cost rather than the total cost. The four-bedroom units have 3 or 3.5 bathrooms with pretty big bedrooms. Most rooms have two closets except for the smallest room, and the living room is long and narrow, making it difficult to arrange. Each unit is assigned two parking spaces and visitor parking is available, as well as on-street parking. As of April 2013, the parking situation is not fully ideal, but in Fall, management is planning to re-assign parking spaces to units in a more logical fashion (spaces near units instead of across the property), to create additional guest parking spaces, and to encourage residents to comply with parking policies including non-obstruction of fire lanes, parking in the right spaces, and encouraging use of on-street parking as appropriate. The pool is really small and its location usually places it in the shade. Safeway, Rite Aid, Office Max, and several food places are right across the street and Unitrans W bus line stops right in front of the complex.

They currently have two, four, and five bedroom apartment homes ranging between $1800 - $3700.

Background Noise

Bedrooms facing the street may be subject to noise problems from cars and semi-trucks passing by at night. Note also that apartment windows are double-paned.

One interesting aspect that not many apartments have to offer is the sound of children playing outside. If you pick the right apartment you can hear little kids screaming around having a good time. I found the sound pleasant to hear, but others hated the noise.


In 1999, Paul Petrovich proposed building a 3.5 acre shopping center across from Oakshade Town Center, anchored by Ross Dress for Less. The City Council initially approved the proposal but later decided to rezone it after protests from residents and business owners in the area. Petrovich then proposed a 41-unit apartment complex above 5,000 square feet of office space. The Council approved the plan in March 2001 and the site is now occupied by Oakshade Commons Apartments, Moshi Moshi, and others.

During the 2003-2004 academic year under previous management, there were many parties in Oakshade, but this may have changed; it took a while for cops to break up the parties because they are facing away from the street and inside the apartment parking lot. The new management is dealing with complaints about noise steadfastly, and is enforcing rules as agreed to by residents in their lease agreement.

Their management changed to FPI Management on March 6th, 2013. They used to be under Acadian Properties.


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2014-01-28 18:39:56   Terrible!

The hot water heater stopped working a few days after I moved in. It took them an entire MONTH to fix it! For a MONTH we were without hot water. There were also a few lights in our apartment that were not working when we moved in. It took them even longer to fix some of them. We've been there 4 months now and some of them still haven't been replaced! We have to walk down and up the stairs in the dark because they can't be bothered to install a light for us.

When we first moved in (which was way after the time slot which we were told), the carpets still needed to be cleaned. We had to sit with our stuff outside the rooms for a few days waiting for the cleaner to finally come to clean the carpets (which weren't even clean afterwards).

There is a pool, but it took them over a month for us to get a key. Now the pool is closed for maintenance so who knows if we'll ever get a chance to use it judging by their speed (or lack thereof) of repairs.

There is a storage closet located by the front doors, but it took them a few months for us to get a key that gave us access to it.

The washer and dryers are old ones that will be terrible for your electricity bills.

The model home looked great, but it's considerably less enjoyable to live in a place where half the things don't work.

Unless you want terrible maintenance service, don't even think of living here. —AbheetBrar

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