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Nonviolent protesters have been [WWW]occupying Wall Street since September 2011. This is a page to document the Occupy Davis movement, which is being held in solidarity with the Wall Street protesters, as other cities are doing. There are now events in roughly 2,500 cities (See [WWW]http://www.occupytogether.org/). Occupy Davis spread to UC Davis. The number of people participating in Occupy UC Davis exploded as a result of the November 18, 2011 UC Davis Police Response to Occupy UC Davis. Sacramento also has its own [WWW]group which started its occupation of Caesar Chavez Park on October 6, 2011. Continued support is welcome, encouraged and needed in order to continue.

The physical occupation of Davis began Saturday, October 15 at 10:30 AM during the Farmers' Market when a small group of people pitched tents around the old oak tree on the deck structure of Central Park. As more people joined the movement, the group moved to the far northwest corner of the park. In response to warnings from the police, the group moved back near the original location. In the midst of the most recent political pressure, Occupy Davis is scheduled to move yet again.

Somewhat inexplicably, Occupy Davis has either been a target for local white supremacists, or are being accused of racism (an accusation increasingly common at the national level, due in part to claims of extreme inequity in the racial makeup of the larger protests such as Occupy Wall Street, which is only 1.6% black). People are passing by and yelling "white power." Protesters are also sometimes pelted with coins and told to take showers, possibly due to one of a few negative stereotypes that exist; some critics see the movement as being made up of purely wealthy white youth attempting to freeload, whereas others view the movement as a bunch of poor, "dirty hippies."

At one of its General Assemblies, Occupy Davis voted to ask the City Council to support [WWW]Assembly Joint Resolution 22, which opposes the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on corporate money in political campaigns. The Council agreed on a 5-0 vote on February 21, 2012 to support the resolution, joining Santa Cruz and Berkeley, among other cities. (See also Take Back Our Democracy).

Shut Down Monsanto peaceful assembly

We will be protesting at the Calgene campus of Monsanto (which is in Davis, CA) March 16th & 17th. We are expecting 500-1,000 people over the two days, many of which are planning to stay overnight Friday the 16th.

We've been working hard on the logistics, but a little extra in monetary donations would help. We are planning on giving them places to sleep, simple food to eat, Porta-Potties, clean water to drink. Let's Shut Down Monsanto! You can help us at https://www.wepay.com/donations/occupy-davis

March in March - March 5th protest at CA Capitol

March 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th Occupy Davis and Occupy UC Davis held a joint action and tent-in in the Quad, near the MU Building. We prepared to receive the 99 Mile Marchers, who were walking from the Bay Area to Sacramento. We put up ~60 tents and people were still asking if there were more tents. The 99 marchers came into the quad about 8:30pm Sunday, shouting "We! Are! the 99%! We! Are! the 99%!". Pretty cool to see. We all hugged them and then fed them. Afterward, people talked until they were ready to sleep. Most of us retired to our tents about 10pm. Three Porta-Potties were provided on the edge of the Quad. A little more than 100 people were present on March 4th Sunday night.

On March 5th, the day of the protest at the CA Capitol, the 99 Mile Marchers and many people from UC Davis Occupy and Davis Occupy went to protest at the capitol as well. We were there all day. There were 1,000s of people there and about 300 people went into the Capitol building, into the rotunda, to have a General Assembly. We voted to raise taxes on the rich. Some people stayed after the dispersal order. 68 people were arresting the rotunda for trespass. I have heard recently this was the second highest arrest number in the history of protests at the CA capitol. The most ever arrested was during the Miner's Strike in the 1800s.

The protest at the capitol was about cuts to public education. One of the chants was "No Cuts! No Fees! Education must be Free!". Some people were protesting for a Millionaire's Tax.

The Tent-In take-down occurred March 6th & 7th, in preparation for a clean space on March 16th & 17th. These are the dates for the next protest action.

Occupy Davis to Hold Weekly Daytime Occupations of Central Park

On February 11 the Occupy Davis General Assembly approved a proposal resume daytime occupation of Central Park on Saturdays from 11 am to 5 pm, starting on February 18. Activities will include tabling, banner-making, a tent-in and connecting with fellow human beings. There is no consensus yet regarding overnight occupation, but it will be discussed at the February 18 General Assembly, which begins at 3 pm.

Occupy Davis Warned to Get Out or Face Citations

On Nov. 30, the Davis Police Department issued an official notice of citations to the protesters. Although similar warnings have been given in the past, the charges have been broadened to make compliance very difficult if not impossible to achieve. Previous warnings had been centered around waste, fire, and environmental concerns. When the occupiers made strong efforts to meet code , the city realized it must apply more pressure to evacuate the protesters.

A general assembly was held that night. Among those attending was Stephen Souza who told occupiers, "the city wants you out of the park." He suggested alternatives such as daily vigils at a nearby church, an idea which most of those in attendance found unacceptable. Souza went on to claim that all five city council members, along with the city manager were against the occupiers' current methods. Souza seemed to believe that he is representing the will of the townspeople. If you disagree with the city council or the police, the occupiers would love for you to contact them and let them know how you feel! Occupy Davis needs support from the larger Davis community if it is to survive much longer.

A work party is planned for December 2nd. The public is encouraged to help the occupiers move their site yet again in order to comply with the city's newest demands. Occupy UC Davis has also [WWW]asked Davisites to contact one or more of the city council members to show your support of the occupation and explain what it is you think they are trying to accomplish by continuing to occupy the park.

Update: Occupy Davis announced on Dec. 7 that they would [WWW]cease the 24/7 Occupation of Central Park, exactly two months after [WWW]meeting to discuss the movement for the first time. It's unknown how much the police warning played into the decision to vacate. They sent out a note today discussing how the movement will proceed:

Our tents and structures are coming down this morning. This does not mean that our movement is ending or that we will stop having actions, rather that our movement will now be proceeding in a new way. At Monday's camp meeting it was decided that our goals can best be served by regrouping and refocusing on more targeted political actions. 24/7 occupation has been a valuable tactic for us so far, and an immensely successful strategy for the wider occupy movement, but now we intend to set aside continuous occupation for the time being, so that we can gather ourselves and strengthen our movement.

What is Occupy About?


In response to critics of Occupy Wall Street, who remark about the movement's lack of a clear and unified message. Prof. Cornel West replied by saying:

Or, for a detailed discussion of what the protests are about, see this excellent piece, [WWW]Occupy Wall Street is not difficult to understand. (Try to ignore the insulting bits, which are mainly directed at political pundits who still claim not to "get it").

As the [WWW]China Daily puts it, "...the message from the protesters is quite clear. They are against corporate greed and influence in American politics, economy and life. These protesters, who call themselves 'The 99 Percent', are angry about the huge amount of wealth collected by the top 1 percent of the population." Have a look through [WWW]http://wearethe99percent.tumblr.com/ to get an idea of the hardship that a lot of people are experiencing all over the United States right now.

For the first couple of weeks, there was a media blackout that ignored the protests. Then once the media started paying attention, much of what has been broadcast has portrayed them as radical hippies, as you would expect the U.S. corporate media to do when it is threatened. However, [WWW]international media coverage has been more thorough and, in general, more sympathetic to the protesters' cause.



Possible Concrete Actions in Support of the Occupy Movement


occupypole.jpgGetting the word out on a 5th Street light pole!

photo.jpgThe encampment initially formed right beside this old oak tree. maintent.jpgA large community tent houses several smaller tents. A large stockpile of donated goods sits on a table directly opposite the entrance. moretents.jpgOther tents circle the main area.

Media Coverage of Occupy Davis


A new group has formed to protest the Occupy Davis movement. They call themselves Occupy Occupy Davis. Their official Facebook page claims they are "sick and tired of looking at a bunch of dirty hippies in central park..." The group uses the Republican Party elephant as their logo. They are scheduled to protest the original protesters on Nov. 23 from 5 PM to 6 PM. Judging from the tone of their Facebook page, they are likely to yell out brainless rightwing quips such as "go get a job" or "if you don't like it, move." This will be heartless and paradoxical, of course, because many of the original protesters would love to get a job and/or move.

Relevant Links


Other Area Protests

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2011-10-05 14:53:32   With a little more work (e.g., nailing down a date/time would be good — Davis Patch suggests 6 or 7 pm in Central Park on Friday) this could be the Featured Page... —CovertProfessor

2011-10-05 16:36:37   This is indeed the time to sit up and get abreast of this movement. Alternative media is essential. Just one point now, I was trying to find a comment I read about MoveOn.org trying to co-opt the movenent toward a Democratic Party corporate direction. —BruceHansen

2011-10-05 18:22:44   Why Occupy Davis? What did Davis do? —MikeyCrews

2011-10-05 18:48:22   MikeyCrews - It is not about "Occupying Davis" - nothing against Davis, love this place. If you read more about the movement it will start to make sense. It is in solidarity with those occupying wall street for the above stated reasons. That is why I have suggested we camp out in the car park between all the big banks - Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Union Bank and hold them responsible for this mess we are in. It's happening in 420 cities now according to [WWW]http://www.meetup.com/occupytogether/. Lets use this momentum to create positive change!!! P.S. Thanks for the edits. I typed it up nice the first time but then the webpage expired and I lost everything and got frustrated. Persistence and a bit of community helps :) —ConsciousConsumer

This is a great idea. —Angel.York

2011-10-05 19:22:46   Do you think we'd be more powerful if we joined the Occupy Sacramento efforts? I know and love Davis, but I feel that our numbers would be more noticeable in Sacramento than in Davis. —ChristyMarsden

2011-10-05 19:25:46   [Also - according to the OccupySacramento facebook page, the first event is October 6 at 11am, Ceser Chavez park. They're going to do another one October 15th] —ChristyMarsden

2011-10-05 19:35:25   I think it has the potential to be sustained for much longer if we have people who can take shifts, especially with the buzz that can be created around campus and downtown. By all means get active in both. I want every university to be buzzing with discusssion right now. Democrats and Republicans are failing us and the back and forth, corporate endorsed, pendulum that is "democracy" in this country needs a dose of active participation. —ConsciousConsumer

2011-10-05 20:44:36   Hi ChristyMarsden, Occupy Sacramento isn't only on those two days — it's actually from the 6th at 9 am until the 15th at 11:30 pm. People are physically occupying the park for the duration of that time. It would be cool to go for a couple nights there and also participate in occupying Central Park here in Davis. We'll need a lot of volunteers and supplies, so please come to the First Meeting of General Assembly on October 7th at 6pm in Central Park to talk about our goals, what we need, to assign roles (i.e. press secretary), and to discuss the general plan of our occupation of the park (i.e. length of stay, etc.). Yay Democracy! :) —NTNMorgan

2011-10-05 21:10:04   hmm - aren't the corporations you would be protesting the very same ones that provide the computer and connectivity and transportation you would use to rail against them? I see no real actions to fight corporatocracy other than to go protest (not even obvious things like "don't buy xxx")

Why not do something fruitful like volunteer to help someone in need or clean up the environment. FWIW, someone will always be in the top 1 percent even if it isn't the current "crowd" —RichardL

2011-10-05 21:21:47   I don't want to flood the wiki with links, but this is noteworthy


2011-10-05 21:21:51   [WWW]http://www.davisvoice.com/2011/10/words-conjured-into-being-occupy-davis/ Beautiful poem on occupying Davis
Love can be a great motivation for occupation —NTNMorgan

2011-10-05 22:04:41   RichardL - You seem to be missing the point... I suggest looking more in depth at some of the links provided. They explain it in a lot more detail. —ConsciousConsumer

2011-10-06 00:03:03   I just got an email from Brave New Films (They were responsible for Outfoxed, Iraq For Sale, Rethink Afghanistan, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices as well as many other campaigns) Pretty cool


2011-10-06 01:32:17   I suspect that "camping out" in the parking lots of downtown Davis, or even on campus, will do little but get in everyone's way and annoy people that might otherwise support the cause. Furthermore, employees of local branches of big banks have no clout whatsoever—if you want those in charge to take notice, take it to corporate headquarters.

In fact there's really nothing you can do in Davis that will accomplish much in this respect. If you really want to get things done, take it to Sacramento—march on the capitol! Yes, revolution takes work. You can't change the system by hanging out on the quad and chanting clever slogans. —BarnabasTruman

2011-10-06 09:33:41   I totally understand the desire to focus on Sacramento or other big cities where occupy movements can have an impact—but I wouldn't underestimate the value of an Occupy Davis. Increasing the number of cities (big and small) that have movements or hold meetings will make it harder to argue that Occupy is just a bunch of radical hippies. :)

2011-10-06 10:40:35   I'm rusty on the legality of saying something from freeway bridges. —BruceHansen

2011-10-06 11:27:36   So does this movement really think that the rich are getting rich at the poor's expense? Isn't the American dream of many immigrants to be able to come here and achieve anything they want, even wealth? The successful aren't keeping the poor from becoming wealthy too are they? Why hate on those who have achieved success and gained wealth because of it? —thellama

2011-10-06 18:22:52   Tomorrow night, Oct 7, is Kol Nidrei, the beginning of Yom Kippur, the holiest 26 hours of the Jewish year. Most of us Davis Jews will either be in synagogue or at home focused on prayer and repentance (with fasting).
So, sorry, but we will be unable to participate in tomorrow night's protest. —Chamoudah

2011-10-06 19:54:10   Tomorrow night, 6pm at the farmers market is just the general assembly where we will be discussing what this is all about, and what might be needed to sustain the movement in terms of supplies, finances, food, etc. So even if you miss it still come to the day of action which is planned for the 27th if I'm not mistaken.

I would like to say that this should be a discussion for everyone (left, right, in between, any colour, any gender, any class, any age, any background etc) to get involved and participate in the political process and discuss what is happening and what we would like to happen...now. Not 10 or 20 years from now, after we have paid off their debts, and continue to pay corporate subsidies, and military contractors with our tax dollars. No more taxation without representation. This is obviously just one perspective, but at least I recognize that there are multiple perspectives and am open enough to hear everyones ideas and suggestions for a bright future. I think we now know that neo-liberal economics does not work and continues to not work... In my opinion... feel free to challenge that with logic, evidence and research, because that is what I am basing it off of.

The goal of development should be agency - the creation and promotion of people's choices and capabilities. Not a competition to see who can have the greatest GDP or who can own the most possessions. Look outside the bubble that is the United States and see what kind of effect we have on those in the global community (because believe it or not, we live in a globalised world where our actions have a domino effect) through the WTO, IMF, World Bank, countless large corporations and our influence on the UN security council.

Finally, I don't want anyone to get defensive and feel like I'm coming to take their wealth so as a final thought, I'll just post this video of Tim Wise talking about Guilt and Responsibility, because it can apply to a lot of stuff in life...[WWW]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhOh_EGe41YConsciousConsumer

2011-10-07 16:12:50   "The Most Important Thing In The World Right Now" - Naomi Klein's speech at Occupy Wall St... Intense, made me want to cry. - [WWW]http://www.thenation.com/article/163844/occupy-wall-street-most-important-thing-world-nowConsciousConsumer

2011-10-08 00:01:06   I joined the thing a bit late, but I ended up leaving because I couldn't keep a straight face. The person who was speaking when I got there was barely audible, and the few dozen people who attended formed a standing circle around him while totally ignoring the somewhat interested bystanders who walked by, most of whom would have had no idea what was going on due to the general lack of signs outside the circle. And for some reason (maybe to avoid violating a noise ordinance), the attendees would all just wiggle their arms in the air instead of clapping whenever they heard a good point. I understand that this was an organizational discussion more than an official protest, but still, there was such a lack of rebellious rallying energy that the whole thing seemed useless even though I agreed with the intent. Sorry; I wish I could be more positive about the meeting. —ScottMeehleib

2011-10-08 06:41:28   Scott - It's not ready for prime time public consumption yet. What you saw was the first, organizational meeting of the group intended for members of the group itself, not a demonstration meant for public consumption. The people assembled there were not giving speeches or getting anyone riled up, or trying to get the public/passersby involved, but were discussing the boring but essential logistics and organization of the movement, and gaining the consensus of everyone there as to how things would be conducted. In fact, because matters were being voted on, and rules of order and procedure were in place, stopping everything to educate members of the public would have slowed things down and prevented important decisions from being made. Things like "logistics" and park permits aren't super-exciting, I totally agree, but neither is the foundation of a good house. The good stuff comes later. Because this is a new kind of protest, not your typical stand and shout, it takes more time to collectively establish the new norms that people should follow and get everyone on the same page. —EdwardNiemand

2011-10-09 09:26:05   Corporate greed sounds like big stuff for Davis. Now occupying Ally properties, I can get behind that. —shraken

Are there plans for a boycott? If so please document. —SueHjerpe

2011-10-11 16:19:01   I am not a fan of the current "Occupy Davis" poster for tomorrow's General Assembly, shown on the fb page. While I understand the symbolism of the raised fist, I think it will turn away those who might otherwise be sympathetic. —CovertProfessor

2011-10-11 18:00:15   I agree with CovertProfessor I thought the penny farthing logo was pretty clever and should be made into t-shirts for fundrasing. This is a great article if you get a chance - [WWW]http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/08/opinion/martin-occupy-wall-street/index.html?hpt=po_r1ConsciousConsumer

2011-10-11 21:21:55   is occupy Davis interesting in learning information about the water rate hikes? —StevenDaubert

2011-10-12 08:19:04   If the other occupation movements are any indication, Occupy Davis will hear anything important you feel the need to share. —EdwardNiemand

2011-10-13 12:11:07   The participants on Octobr 12 appeared to be hard core. I went by the tree with the platform around it. They had to contend with the live music in the park. I suppose to make sure everyone could hear what was said they got into a kind of call and response where when someone said something a bunch of people repeated it. I didn't have the fortitude to stay long. —BruceHansen

2011-10-13 20:38:54   why don't you leftist liberals investigate the liberal democrats in congress and the current president of this country and you will find they are the people that are responsible for the problems this country is having economically...Clinton's attorney general janet reno threated the banks if they did not loan money to people who were not good risks...people who were sure to default on such a loan.....obama puts people in high positions in government that are from the corporate world,doing the very thing that you want to protest againts....General Electric for example....Then obama funds a big "green" company that goes bankrupt after taking huge sums of taxpayer money...obama is the cause of most of our problems...investigate him. —jerrydavis

2011-10-14 02:11:11   Agreed. Some ego's out there are getting hurt. People who don't understand it seem to be trying really hard to put it in a box. Just be part of the discussion. Be open to new ideas, there's no right or wrong, just different perspectives. Some of the democrats may be trying to take this movement under their wing. That doesn't really mean diddly. Just do more research, read into more of the links above. Look outside of the US for some objective media, the media in this country is a part of the 1%. —ConsciousConsumer Yo ConsiousConsumer talk to whatever group was making pre protest plans and ask them if they want more info about the water rates!

2011-10-14 10:04:39   I just listened to Forum on KQED 89.3. It covered banking and consumer choices in service and providers. [WWW]listen here SueHjerpe

2011-10-14 17:33:47   Could there be another way to do this, petitions? Living in the park 24 hours a day in the beginning of fall makes me think the 1% again gets the last laugh, or do something just different to make so many wrongs a right. —Theangrydiner

2011-10-15 16:41:32   So I'm a little unclear on the goals of the Davis and national movements, other than to generally protest the financial system. Can someone enlighten me? —IDoNotExist

2011-10-15 19:46:05   Hope you guys are more respectful of local business than the wall street protesters are being. Not sure what occupying in Davis will do specifically but peaceful assembly is an important right so kudos on exercising it. —OliviaY

2011-10-15 20:45:50   One thing I would like to see happen is for us to get rid of the tipping system in the United States and force corporations to pay real living wages and stop forcing customers to pay the difference. It has gotten worse over time - I'm seeing more and more people working for tips alone and I shouldn't feel the guilt and obligation to help them out like I do. The corporation should be paying those wages. Just look at the wiki of tipping around the world to get a sense of how stupid it is here in the States...[WWW]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tip_%28gratuity%29 I just wish our government (and many citizens) would stop being so arrogant and learn from the successes and failures of other countries around the world. I honestly think a parliamentary system would do better than what we have. Our current system has allowed the 2 major parties to consolidate their power, because people are afraid to vote for a 3rd party for fear of allowing the republicans to win (e.g. Ralph Nader "stole" votes from Al Gore in 2000). Just look at this to see how far apart our politicians are compared to the rest of the world


* Leaving Australia. This data piece is from '04, but it shows the start of the trend throughout the 90's: [WWW]http://www.aph.gov.au/library/pubs/rn/2003-04/04rn54.htm However, found data from immigration up through '08: [WWW]http://www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sheets/05emigration_1.htm Both of you should note that arrivals/departures are both going up. What's more relevant imo, is WHERE these people are coming from and going to. A lot of my family moved to Australia throughout the 70's and 80's as refugees. Anyway, the factsheet states "In 2009–10, 42 570 Australia-born people departed permanently. This figure includes the Australia-born children of former settlers. Overwhelmingly, the Australia-born are emigrating to the United Kingdom, the United States or to New Zealand. In 2009–10, 46.3 per cent of Australian-born emigrants went to one of these three countries." I'd guess the netflow to those countries is outwards, and the flow inwards is more diversified. But I don't care enough to find the data, just thought a few numbers to chew on might help. Or muddle. -ES

2011-10-15 I have to agree with BarnabasTruman on this: it does no good whatsoever to protest in this town. You need to have protests at the right locations, like corporate headquarters or state governments. You want to show how annoyed and mad you are? Show it directly to the people doing it to you. You really need to get some carpools together or bike to Sac and go to the state government to protest things. It doesn't do a darned thing to make a stink in this town because those people aren't here to know.

I was in the park for most of the day today and what did I see? Folks sitting around in a circle talking for hours. Sometimes someone was playing a musical instrument. If I hadn't known what to look out for given the signs in the park (plus one random dude asking me where they were when the circle was down to a small number and less obvious), I wouldn't have thought, "hey, those are protesters" there. I hate to say it, but big deal? I've seen more noisy protests at freaking Mrak Hall (which, btw, is also a waste of time to protest at for state budget cuts. Nobody who works there can do anything about the situation either). I didn't see news vans, I saw one bike cop rolling on by. Who was affected by this? Who proved a point? I guess all of y'all who went felt better, but otherwise I just don't think protests here are effective. You want to AFFECT the people who can make the changes, and this protest so far isn't doing it. Sorry, but it's not.

2011-10-15 22:16:50   As Doug Walter mentions, one great step is banking with a credit union. We have quite a few choices here in town. Just like the Davis Food Co-op, YOU OWN IT! I highly recommend the Yolo Federal Credit Union. People who live in our community make up the board of directors. If you have one, you can also move your mortgage to a credit union. Of course, that can be easier said than done, depending on your credit rating in the current economy. "[WWW]http://www.yolofcu.org/" —RhondaGruska

There is, and will only ever be, one DougWalter.

So true, so true! Editing done.

2011-10-16 11:11:53   In response to JenniferRutherford, the whole point of a peaceful protest is to be just that - peaceful. If you want yelling and marching and news vans, there's a greater chance that things can get out of control and make the whole movement look bad. I work in a bank downtown and have been walking around worrying about what could happen if things get out of control. I completely support this movement, but I also like knowing that when I go to work Monday morning, I'm not going to have to worry about a potentially dangerous situation. Also in response to CovertProfessor, yes, it was that hard to figure out. Outside of this page the ONLY place I've been able to find what the movement wanted was on Keith Olbermann. If this movement wants to be really successful, they're gong to have to be more straightforward with the solutions they're offering. We're not all professors, covert or otherwise. —CCarlson

2011-10-18 10:35:56   [WWW]http://www.alternet.org/vision/152773/occupy_wall_street%3A_992_arrested_at_price_tag_of_more_than_%243.4_millionChristopherGomezWong

2011-10-18 23:14:56   Yet another area Wall St has messed up. The Food Bubble: How Wall Street Starved Millions and Got Away With It [WWW]http://www.democracynow.org/2010/7/16/the_food_bubble_how_wall_streetConsciousConsumer

2011-10-20 09:42:26   There was about a dozen or so people camping out in the park last night. One of the protestors told me that they are hoping to stay for a full month. I'm glad that the Davis PD hasn't given them any problems yet. —ScottMeehleib

2011-10-31 - Since it is our federal and state government that creates, oversees, and implements tax policy (the redistribution of wealth) and regulation over businesses of all sizes, why isn't it "Occupy Pennsylvania Avenue" or "Occupy the Capitol"? Isn't this where the change has to start? I don't think Wall Street gives a rats rear that it is being occupied or protested. Just something to consider. - Calzephyr

2011-11-06 17:43:05   I've got one question for people who are protesting: Who specifically do you want to follow what course of action? —MasonMurray

2011-11-07 09:43:29   I would say that the Occupy movements had their first solid success with Bank Transfer Day. It has been estimated that over 650,000 customers chose to leave behind big banks in favor of non-profit credit unions in the days leading up to the Nov. 5th deadline. Bank of America backed off of its previous plan to have a $5 monthly charge for debit card use, which was one of the cited reasons for the bank protest to begin with. I would challenge the Occupy movement to continue to look for practical solutions like this. A lot of awareness has already been drummed up, and now new ideas for solutions need to emerge quickly in order to keep the ball rolling. Otherwise, the group runs the risk of looking like a never-ending sleepover in favor of a redistribution of wealth that won't come about simply through awareness. —ScottMeehleib

2011-11-08 10:31:29   I have dropped in and chatted with Davis Occupiers a couple of times over the past week or so. I was impressed with their dedication to "keeping it together." By which several said they meant maintaining the camp site and keeping everybody fed and dry on cold, rainy nights. Also, they expressed satisfaction with their success in communicating with Davis police officers with whom they have had good relations. One said it was good to see a prowl car roll by at 3am, "just to make sure we're safe out here." Also, they appreciated the response from city maintenance workers who turned off sprinklers, which had come on automatically during late night hours. But, though I suggested conversational topics along the lines of politics and economic injustice, the Occupiers expressed little awareness of or interest in discussing them. As conditions worsen, perhaps the Occupy message will come into clearer focus —RaoulDuke

2011-11-14 00:11:55   The Occupy movement did not do anything to stop Bank of America from adding fees. Banks let them think they've won but in actuality are just adding new charges in other places. [WWW]http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/14/business/banks-quietly-ramp-up-consumer-fees.html Just something to keep in mind. —OliviaY

2011-11-14 20:37:24   I've been occupying in New York, Oakland, and Portland Oregon. This is the BEST OCCUPY LOCATION IN DAVIS HANDS DOWN!!! —KCSlater

2011-11-14 23:14:15   The action tomorrow should be interesting! I just read the counter protest thing also... hilarious. We should have a mock 1% protest and join them. haha Check out the new story of stuff video called "the story of broke" it's great!!!


Did this really happen? UCD + students + pepper spray? Can someone who was there speak to this? When did this occur?
Updated: Additional info

2011-11-19 06:33:36   The standard is pretty simple— an activity is either compliant with the law or it is not. If the group is compliant great. If not, then those entrusted to enforce the law are compelled to do so, no matter what the appearance (pepper spraying sitting protestors) — otherwise we are on the slippery slope of deciding what laws to enforce in our society. Agree that this effort loses my sympathy entirely when the law is broken— please do it within the framework of our laws. My perspective anyhow.— thx. —RichardL

2011-12-07 19:41:55   we can oppose something without making davis unpleasant by having tents in the central park. please remove those. I am 100% positive that this movement is great and it will have results but I don't like seeing tents every freaking day when I'm driving home. —mahmoudrezanaemeh

* YEAH its awesome when you see that people who are camping there are actually homeless and they don't even care what the 99% is

2011-12-13 15:18:07   This bank sounds outrageous - charging recurring daily overdraft fees which shouldn't have been charged in he first place. [WWW]http://news.yahoo.com/illinois-teen-learns-bank-fees-hard-way-154654489.html How are the banks in Davis? —BruceHansen

"2011-12-23 19:17:03"   "What if the decision to evict or not had been made by referendum? Voters could have determined whether to continue the long overdue public debates over inequality, injustice and capitalism that were launched and sustained above all by the Occupy encampments..." [WWW]http://www.truth-out.org/ChristopherHitchens

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