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olive1.JPGAn Olive Tree on Olive Drive by Richard Marquez

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Nestled between the Train Tracks and I-80, Olive Drive is one of Davis' older neighborhoods, with a distinct small-town feel despite its proximity to the bustling Downtown and the busy transportation corridors. Full-grown Olive Trees line each side of the street, and the sidewalk is stained purple by their fruit. It is also home to a number of very impressive cork oak trees, many of which are on the [WWW]City of Davis Landmark Trees list.

Olive Drive starts as an exit off I-80 West, and runs west alongside the train tracks just opposite 2nd Street for several blocks until its end at the South Davis Bike Path and Olive Drive Shopping Center. The street is home to two Trailer Parks. While there is an Olive Drive exit off of I-80, it is quicker to exit at Richards Blvd. to reach almost all locations on Olive Drive.

The part of Olive Drive east of Richards Blvd. is part of the historic U.S. Highway 40, also known as the Lincoln Highway, the nation's first transcontinental highway. U.S. 40 continues westward at Richards Blvd. and eastward at I-80.

There is also a local band whose name is Olive Drive.


Things you will see on Olive Drive, starting from the freeway and heading west:

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