On-Ramp of Doom


The On-Ramp of Doom used to be the Interstate 80 interchange at Richards Boulevard, particularly the ramp from northbound Richards to the westbound 80. Directly adjacent to the Worst Intersection in Davis, it offered a chance to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The main feature of this on-ramp is a long 240o turn, with a particularly tight turn at the end. After this final turn which can only be taken safely at less than 25 mph, you were immediately dumped onto the freeway. Even better, the short area for merging into traffic was shared by another exit ramp. In short, there are people merging in at low velocity, people merging out at high velocity, and many opportunities for your doom. Freeway traffic is often slowed for a mile before the interchange.


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You can always flip a U and go on the other westbound ramp, from the southbound Richards side. You get your own lane that way.

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