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Optical Science Club Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Optical Science club shall be to promote the discipline of Optical Science and Engineering through the organized efforts of its members on campus and in the community; to further the technical and professional development of its members; to serve as a casual social center for its members.

2005 SPIE Annual Report
UC Davis Chapter


July 18, 2005
grindinglab2.jpgOur new Grinding Lab

grindinglab.jpgJon making Optics.

July 17, 2005

July 13, 2005

April 27, 2007

Events of the Year

Lunch Time Speaker Series

Guest Speaker/Seminar

cabintrip.jpgEngineers having fun??? Impossible!! Lab Tours

Outreach/Preview Day/Picnic Day

group.jpgMembers of the Optics Club enjoying a BBQ Other Events

General Meetings

Everyone Loves Our Laser Maze

The laser maze is a music integrated laser system built for UCD hosted or sponsored events. Its components are a CD player, a long-range low power laser diode with modulator, a series of reflective mirrors, a detector, and regular music speakers.

Simply put, the laser maze is more like an obstacle course than a maze. The iPod sends a digital signal to the laser diode through a standard audio cable. The music is then converted to a modulated AM signal with a modulator custom made by UCD students. Once the signal is converted, it is integrated into the beam and dispersed across the room. The beam is reflected off a series of mirrors that are strategically placed at different locations and heights on both sides of a marked off corridor around the room. The corridor is for volunteers to walk, crawl, or roll through with the goal of making it to the end without getting in the way of any of the reflected beams. The last mirror in the series sends the light into a converging lens that focuses the beam onto a photo-detector that converts the AM signal into analog. The converted signal is then sent to a set of speakers with another audio cable. If a volunteer steps in the way of the beam, the signal to the photo-diode will be broken and the music will stop playing. To aid the volunteers with their goal, a fog machine is used to refract a small part of the beam and make it slightly easier to get around.

Laser maze always draws huge crowds every year at Picnic Day (UCD’s open house) and just recently we have started bringing a scaled-down version to our Outreach events to demonstrate to students fun and inventive ways of using optics.


The purpose of this program is to demonstrate the use of Optics and its practical applications in communication, imaging, computers, even Hollywood! to local Colleges, High School, and Middle School students. To have the Optics Club come to your school, simply email the Outreach Chairs, or any one of us and we'll get back to you shortly.

Some experiments are (but are not limited to):

New Officers:

Presidents: Camile Magno <ctmagno AT ucdavis DOT edu>

Aaron Gong <acgong AT ucdavis DOT edu>

Aaron Gong <acgong AT ucdavis DOT com>

Outreach Chairs:
Nick Antipa <naantipa AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Shayna Khatri <sskhatri AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Brandon Miller <bmiller AT ucdavis DOT edu>

Laser Maze Chairs:
Nick Antipa <naantipa AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Shayna Khatri <sskhatri AT ucdavis DOT edu>
Brandon Miller <bmiller AT ucdavis DOT edu>

EJC Representative:
Brandon Miller <bmiller AT ucdavis DOT edu>

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2005-07-14 14:18:41   yay!! =] Am i cool or WHAT? —WinnieTong

2005-07-14 15:42:50   Not as cool as Liquid Helium —EvanPrast

2005-07-14 19:21:20   definitely rock hard if anything —EileenHo

2005-07-19 11:08:03   OooOOo new pictures of the new grinding lab! How exciting. Too bad I never went to the old one. :| I'll make it sometime! —SarahHsia

2005-08-30 04:01:39   we got the best major by far. —MikeMele

2006-04-14 11:22:53   That lens lab is awesome ... I had a seminar there. —TusharRawat

2006-04-14 11:32:01   So is your club open to members of the community who have no ties to UCD? —GrumpyoldGeek

2007-06-05 14:14:18   The club is open to anyone. —MikeMele

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