Orchard Park Greenhouses


greenhouses_summer_05.jpgThe greenhouses at night during the summer of '05.

The Orchard Park Greenhouses are located right behind The Colleges on Orchard Park Drive. They're spooky at night time. The Orchard Park Greenhouses include, among other things, a greenhouse (Rotating Room 1) that rotates to follow the sun, and a [wikipedia]phytotron (a completely sealed greenhouse).


IMG_2251.JPGA greenhouse (Rotating Room 1) that rotates to follow the sun.

greenhouse_summer_02.jpgLarge greenhouse during the summer of '02.

vault.jpgTwo autoclaves, used to sterilize soil before use, or kill any plants or plant pests once they are not needed in the greenhouse. Since there are researchers trying to improve control of weeds and crop- or flower-eating insects (including non-chemical controls), they want to be sure that they don't plant those weeds when they throw out their samples. An autoclave is basically a giant pressure cooker just like in a kitchen.

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