Original Mel's Diner


gcheese.jpgthe grilled cheese

171 Nut Tree Parkway, Vacaville
Also in Sacramento and Roseville
Daily Open 24 hours (except for in Sac)
Web site
Apparently none
Price range
$4-$6 breakfast, $6-$8 lunch, $8-$12 dinner

Mel's Diner is a chain of 50's style diners, made famous by the George Lucas film [WWW]American Graffiti, and being decorated with collectables and other memorabilia from the film, and having an art deco stainless steel and neon 50's feel. The environment is relaxed — somewhat study friendly — as you can order coffee and sit there for hours. Plenty of parking, right by the freeway, and not in a scary location. It's also right by In-N-Out. It's a pretty popular spot for the locals to meet-up, or just hang out.

Other locations include the western edge of Sacramento near CSUS on Howe Ave. (a smaller, non-24-hour location), in Roseville off I-80 (24-hour), and a few locations between Davis and the Bay Area.

Note: The actual name of this place is Original Mel's. Do not confuse this with the other diners named Mel's located around the country, especially the nearby and somewhat similarly themed [WWW]Mel's Drive-in which has the same bloodline as that featured in [WWW]American Graffiti. [WWW]Here is some historical info. Also do not confuse this with [WWW]Mel's Diner, a Florida chain founded in 1989 or the Mel's Diner in central Pennsylvania near Harrisburg.


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2007-07-01 21:47:47   Personally, I think their food is a little overpriced. They do have good chili cheese fries though. It's true that it is somewhat study friendly, but only if you go late at night. —at86

2008-05-13 09:44:53   This place is delicious! —BretCorzine

2009-04-13 11:16:50   Do they really not have a website? VERY strange. —SacTownGuy

2010-02-10 14:07:27   I think this place is kind of gross, honestly. I guess it's ok if you're drunk at 3am and want huge milkshakes, but nothing I've ordered here while sober has tasted very good. —bear

2010-02-19 13:39:49   For an establishment that, as fa as I can see uses no advertising in the mass media market, relying almost entirely on word of mouth since the 1950's. this is one of the better retro diners I have been to. Some staff are better than others, certain times of the day the food quality is better than at others... but overall it is a fine establishment that is a nice escape from the day to day grind of the modern world for quality food and good times even if it takes a little drive to get there. Worth checking out if you have never been. —WesOne

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