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2657 Portage Bay East (In West Davis, in Village Homes)
Dinner, 5:30-9 p.m. Monday through Saturday
Lunch, 11:30-1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

Osteria Fasulo is an upscale Italian restaurant that certainly has delicious food. It's pretty pricey. The appetizers & primi are roughly $10-$14. Entres (secondi) are in the $19-$27 range. The food is artfully arranged on the china. Most of their dishes are meat-centered. The dishes have the usual olive oil, eggplant, and tomatoes one would expect of a Mediterranean restaurant. This restaurant compares to Bibas in Sacramento in terms of the quality of the food, but is slightly higher priced considering that the servings at Osteria Fasulo are much smaller than those at Bibas.

They are located in Village Homes, the only business to be so situated. They pick many of the vegetables from their own garden. The menu is posted outside, next to the door, so you can see what you're in for. If you want to impress a date, or if your other is paying, this is the place to go. Keep in mind that this place is for a sophisticated palate, so if you or your other thinks McDonald's is haute cuisine, someone is in for a disappointment.

"Osteria Fasulo" means a restaurant run by the Fasulo family, like "Joe's Restaurant" in English.

The same owners opened another restaurant, Il Posto ("The Place"), in downtown Sacramento in August 2005, but it closed sometime in 2006.


Message from the Owner

March 28th,2007

Pasqua (Easter is almost here)
Osteria Fasulo will be open Sunday 8TH starting at 11:30am
Offering this Four Courses Menu.
You can make your reservation calling 530 758-1324
Or by e-mail at papafasulo@comcast.net

Happy Easter from all of us at Osteria Fasulo

Sunday , April 8th, 2007
Il Menu Pasquale

Crostino alle Fave e Pecorino
grilled bread with fava beans puree , shaved Pecorino cheese
Extra olive oil

Choice of:

Zuppa agli Asparagi
Cream of asparagus
Crespelle al Prosciutto & Asparagi
Crepes filled with prosciutto and asparagus baked with a light bechamel sauce

Salmone In Padella
Salmon fillet panseared served in a bed of fava beans
and a light onions broth
Cosciotto d’Agnello Arrosto
local roasted leg of lamb served with rosemary potatoes
and a fresh mint & basil sauce

Crema Bruciata di Fragole
Strawberries creme brulee

Panna Cotta Verde
Eggless Kiwi Custard

$ 40.00 Per Person

Executive Chef: Jose’ ATILIO Carranza

Also don’ forget to vote for Osteria Fasulo at Kcra 3 for the best Italian restaurant on the Sacramento area(www.KCRA.com/A-list)

A presto ,

Con Affetto,

Leonardo Fasulo

IMG_3187.JPGveal chop with foie gras & truffles

lobster carpaccio.JPGlobster & Beef carpaccio

cioppino.JPGCioppino della Casa

Osteria Fasulo replaced Plumshire Inn.


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3/5/2006. I was there Fri 3/3/2006 and thought the food was excellent and the service just as good. A nice intimate evening with good wine and food. The best part was the chocolate creme brulee topped with caramelized bananas. It is pricey and the portions are small, but the food is rich. Larger portions would give most people a stomach ache afterwards. Each meal comes with a complimentary glass of prosecca (Italian champagne) and fresh bread and salsa verde (olive oil mixed with roasted garlic and parsley). We each had a glass of wine, two starters, main course and dessert. Bill came out to just under $100 including tip. Everything tasted extremely fresh and good. You must go if you like Italian food and have someone special to take.

I have been to Osteria Fasulo, and I am a student. It is pricey, but REALLY good. I'm not all into Italian either, but everything there is good; the bread is awesome, the soup, the sandwiched for lunch are also super good, and dinner too. I recommend it to anyone, I can't believe no one has heard of it, but it is really tucked away. Perfect for a special night especially with someone you care about. Their outdoor patio is very nice. Oh and if you like wine, go! -Taryn

I know there used to be one out there called Plumshire Inn. I've been told that it closed about a year or so ago. Apparently it belonged to an old couple who had some hand in developing that area, and that the restaurant was the only business in that particular area. It was their thing, and when they decided to retire, the restaurant closed. From what I had heard, it was a tad expensive, but it was supposed to be, far and away, the best restaurant in Davis (I heard this from my old neighbors, who had eaten there, and were food connoisseurs). As far as I know, a new one did not open in its place, but I could be wrong about that. -EricKlein

The Plumshire Inn was a very pleasant restaurant of the "California Cuisine" variety. Osteria Fasulo is a worthy replacement if you like upscale Italian cooking. Plumshire Inn was owned by Mike Corbett, the developer of Village Homes. Corbett is not that old, and not retired; he built the rather attractive duplex at the corner of 7th and B, and is a principle in the proposed Covell Village development Northwest of the corner of Covell and Pole Line Road.-MarcusSitz

[WWW]http://www.wguides.com/city/281/84_227200.cfm discusses Plumshire Inn. The phone number works (I called them), but they're closed today, so I guess they still exist. They seem to have a new name though, which I couldn't understand from their recorded message, so someone will have to visit or call back during business hours. And I think I'm game for a bike ride over there to photograph them and confirm their existance. — KenBloom

I did a little research, and it seems that the Plumshire Inn is indeed gone, but has been replaced by Osteria Fasulo (see their [WWW]homepage). See [WWW]this review for details. The new restaurant is Italian, and quite upscale from what the review has to say. It sounds like it is priced out of the reach of most students (and almost all grad students), but probably has good food. I wish now that I had gone to the old Plumshire Inn while it was still here. Although I like Italian food, Italian restaurants always seem to charge too much for what you get (I'm talking about quality, not quantity. Although, in this case, quantity seems to be an issue as well). -EricKlein

I just took a bike ride, and confirmed this. I have also ruled out the existance of a restaurant any farther west on Russell. (Businesses on Lake Blvd. not withstanding). — KenBloom

I would agree that Osteria Fasulo is delicious, and tucked away and expensive. But I would not call it overpriced. You are paying for the artful presentation of the food, the cozy dining room, the service, and the overall experience of eating delicious food at a civilized place, hopefully with excellent conversation to round out the evening. I have only been there once, but it was one of my favorite meals in Davis.— JuliaSilvis

The Plumshire Inn was a vegetarian resturant with local, organic produce and decent prices. Half of the residents of the Village Homes really enjoyed it, most likely the Hippies. The other half, presumably Yuppies, love the new, high-class and meat-centric Osteria. This is exemplary of the social dynamic (or divide) within the village. Personally, I would prefer the former but I do appreciate the fact that Osteria sources much produce locally (even some from a friend's new farm). However, I went for a coffee once with a friend and it cost me seven bucks! Needless to say, don't expect to see me there having coffee... — MikeSiminitus

The Plumshire Inn was most definitely not a vegetarian restaurant; depending on the menu we usually had 1-2 vegetarian dishes available. Prices were "decent" in the $15-$20 way. Although I spent nearly all my time there in the kitchen, I'd say most of our clientele were university faculty and other professional types, certainly not the hippy crowd. — SeanOMara

2006-04-16 11:55:55   4/15/06: The food is excellent and the wine list is extensive, although pricey. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Davis. Although it is expensive, the food, service, and atmosphere are all worth it. —AcMach

2006-07-28 20:41:43   I went here with the idea of having an expensive date. The food was mediocre and would have been decent at somewhere less expensive but it was definitely not worth the price I paid. I was shocked considering the glowing reviews this place has received on this page. Did y'all order the full course meal? Are there better places in Sac or back in the Bay that you'd suggest splurging on? —LiRic

2006-08-21 00:07:29   My wife and I went for our anniversary and were very disappointed. Although the setting is charming, the food is unoriginal. We were among the first guests of the evening, but they were already "out of" the chef's special appetizer, the fish of the day, and one dessert. What this means is that they just didn't bother to prepare them. I mean, I could have run down to Safeway, bought some fish, and cooked it as "fish of the day." Plus, they had no red wines by the glass. The food they did serve was acceptable, but unexceptional, and — really — nothing I couldn't have made at home. —DanLawyer

2006-12-11 22:01:44   Fresh delectable food. Good service that does not pester or rush you. Interesting and seasonal menu that changes frequently so you can always try new things. Solid and expansive wine list. After frequent visits, I have never been disappointed and plan to attend frequently. —EsTs

2007-01-02 16:54:53   My husband and I ate at Osteria Fasulo for the first and last time in early December to celebrate our anniversary. For $162 (including $20 tip) this is what we got: House Salad (in parmesan cheese basket) – (can’t remember the price – 10-12) very good. Radicchio Trevigiano con Pancetta (12) - ok. Cioppino della Casa (24) – very good but arrived luke warm. Roast Lamb Shank (28) – ok – also luke warm. Chocolate Creme Brulee (7) – excellent value and very good. Bottle of Wine – price unknown. One Bottle of water. After they were out of the 2nd bottle of wine we requested, the owner selected a bottle for us. We didn’t really appreciate having a bottle selected for us without our asking and had no idea what it coat. It was nothing to write home about…a disappointment for an anniversary celebration. Bottomline… the meal had its highs and lows but certainly not worth the price. We won’t be back. —DavisWheeler

2007-04-01 12:04:10   if your meal was 142 and you tipped 20 at a nice restaraunt you probablly deserved a bad meal. —CrazyeyeKillah

2007-04-24 18:53:35   i guess....you were about 1 dollar off. 15% of 142 is around 163 :( next time tip 163 as for Crazyeyekillah's comments, it seems like he wants you to tip more than 163...but i mean, if your steak/shank is LUKEWARM, HELL NO you are not tipping more than 15 %... —JamesLi

2007-05-18 21:26:00   I was very disappointed in Osteria Fasulo. Our salad was drenched in mayonnaise and capers; we could see the vegetables, but we couldn't taste them. The papardelle with saffron cream sauce sounded great, but it was actually almost inedible - not fresh, somehow both bland and overflavored. The gnocchi was the only thing that was decent, and it was nothing special. Maybe we just got unlucky and picked the worst things on the menu, but I would be ashamed to serve that salad to anyone. The staff were nice, but spotty - they brought us two glasses of wine when we had ordered one, the waitress offered us dessert while we were still waiting for our appetizers, and the restaurant called and left a message asking us whether we were going to show up for our reservation WHILE we were sitting there eating dinner. We were also one of 3 parties there, so they can't have been too busy. —wobbly

2007-05-21 23:40:07   I went to osteria fasulo for the first time today. I was impressed with the atmosphere, the wine list, and most of all the service. My wife and i were there for an anniversary. After 47 years of marriage i guess it was time that i treated my wife to a nice meal. Our waiter suggested to us that we eat our meals in courses and family style. We were confused by the menu, but he put us right at ease. He asked if we wanted some suggestions...well we did. We let him order our entire meal along with the wine. His suggestions were wonderful. Even though there were large parties that night he made us feel like we were the most important people in the building. We would recommend OS to any one in visiting davis. It was a wonderful experience. —stewy10

2007-07-19 16:15:12   This place sucks bottom line beware —dickjones

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