Outdoor Adventures


  1. Water Program
    1. Rafting
      1. South Fork of the American River
      2. Klamath River
      3. North Fork of the American River
      4. Cal-Salmon
    2. Whitewater Kayaking
      1. Open Rolling
      2. Kayak Rolling Clinics
      3. White Water Kayaking, Level I
      4. White Water Kayaking, Level II
    3. Sailing
    4. Sea Kayaking
      1. Tomales Bay Day Tour
      2. Introduction to Sea Kayaking
      3. Expedition Sea Kayaking
      4. San Francisco Bay Intermediate Tour
      5. Lake Tahoe
      6. Ahjumawi Lava Springs
      7. Baja Sea Kayaking
  2. Wilderness Program
    1. Backpacking
      1. Backpacking Adventures
      2. Introduction to Backpacking
      3. Wilderness Navigation
      4. Custom Backpacking Trips
      5. Yosemite Photography Workshop
      6. Fly Fishing
    2. Rock Climbing
      1. Beginning Rock Climbing
      2. Introduction to Top Rope
      3. Multi-Pitch Climbing
      4. Owens Valley Climbing
    3. Winter Sports
      1. Wilderness Snowshoe Tour
      2. Snow Cave and Igloo Building
      3. Yosemite Snowshoe Weekend
      4. Yosemite Winter Exploration
      5. Intro to Cross Country Skiing
      6. Mt. Lassen Cross-Country Ski
      7. Ice Ax and Crampon Clinic
      8. Intro to Avalanche Safety
      9. Intro to Ski Mountaineering
  3. Healthcare Courses
    1. CPR
      1. Healthcare Provider (HCP)
      2. HeartSaver AED
    2. First Aid
      1. HeartSaver First Aid
      2. Wilderness First Aid
    3. Wilderness First Responder
    4. EMT - Emergency Medical Technician
  4. Guide Schools
    1. Rock Climbing
    2. Health Care
    3. Baja Sea Kayak
    4. Winter
    5. Rafting
    6. Wilderness
    7. Advanced Rafting
    8. Sea Kayaking

The former Rec Pool Lodge
On La Rue Road, between The Colleges at La Rue Apartments and the Recreation Pool
Academic Year Hours
Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Summer Hours
Mon-Fri 12pm-6pm
(530) 752-1995
<outdooradventures AT campusrec.ucdavis DOT edu>
[WWW]Outdoor Adventures Page

new slack.JPGHaving fun is what we do best! OA is right next to the Bike Barn and 194 Chem. Often a slack-line is set up in front of OA

Outdoor Adventures has moved from their old location next to Bike Barn by the Silo. They are now located at the former Rec Pool Lodge.

Outdoor Adventures is one of the largest university outdoor programs in the United States. They run trips and classes in a variety of disciplines year round. Part of Campus Recreation, students and ARC members get a special discount, although trips are open to the general public. Trips are somewhat cooperative in nature, meaning that participants will often carpool to locations and coordinate food on multi-day trips. They offer a wide variety trips every weekend as well as certain types of night classes and longer trips during vacation periods. While most trips require participants to be 18 years or older Outdoor Adventures offers fun for all ages, including [WWW]youth programs and trips that are held during the summer.

They also have a great Rental Center where you can rent most types of equipment that you'd need to do one of the trips on your own, for a reasonable price. They don't rent downhill skis or snowboards, but you can find telemark skis, bear canisters, sleeping bags, tents, snowshoes, backpacks, and a host of other adventure-related equipment. A price list can be found on their [WWW]website, or you can pick up a form in person. It is also a great place to hangout - good music, fun people, a variety of books, picnic tables outside and comfy couches inside.

Twice a year on the third Thursday of October and April, Outdoor Adventures sponsors an annual Equipment Swap at which you can get some fantastic deals on new and used equipment - just be sure to have cash!

Trip and class information and registration is available online at [WWW]http://cru.ucdavis.edu, by phone (530) 752-1995, or in person.

Water Program


OA is one of the largest commercial rafting outfitters in the state. They hold several commercial permits that allow for nearly 100 people to go rafting a day and have a fleet of over 15 whitewater rafts. Outdoor Adventures utilizes expedition-sized oar boats to haul gear on longer trips. OA's rafting program is mainly focused on class III rivers, though they offer a few class IV and V trips during the Spring and Summer. Rafting Guide School, aka BGT, takes place over Spring break.

Whitewater Kayaking


Sailing is no longer offered at OA. OA used to partner with a campus department, to use their 40' yacht and offer educational trips to students. Trips took place in and around the San Francisco Bay.

Sea Kayaking

san francisco.jpg

Wilderness Program

Offering a wide range of activities, the wilderness program offers trips all over the state of California. Activities vary seasonally due to snow. Wilderness Guide School is in April.


Backpacking is an excellent year-round activity, in light of our prime location. Within a few hours, we have Pt. Reyes, Big Sur, Cache Creek, Mendocino, Mt. Lassen, Lake Tahoe/Sierras, and Yosemite.

backpack guide.jpg

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great mental and physical challenge. It requires thoughtful approach, balance, flexibility and the ability to think several steps ahead. Davis is close to some very good climbing within 1-2 hours drive. Rock Climbing Guide School is in October.

Muli-Pitch Climbing classes are no longer offered through OA. Learn the basics of [WWW]lead climbing and [WWW]multi-pitch technique. It is strongly recommended that you have a solid foundation in climbing and/or have taken Beginning Rock Climbing or Top Rope before enrolling. Classes are held at Lover's Leap and offered once per quarter during the Spring and Fall.

Winter Sports

Davis is known for being fogged in during the winter. The solution for those of us wanting sun? Head to the coast (backpacking or sea kayaking) or climb out of the hills and head to the mountains. Reach for the sun. The Sierras get around 30 feet of snow every year yet there are plenty of blue-bird days. Transportation is provided on all winter trips. Winter Guide School is in January.

Healthcare Courses

Healthcare Instructor School is in October.


Outdoor Adventures offers two levels of CPR classes, taught to [WWW]American Heart Association curriculum. Students should decide which class to take based on their needs (lay-person vs. professional).

First Aid

Wilderness First Responder

EMT - Emergency Medical Technician

Guide Schools

A unique aspect to Outdoor Adventures is that they offer guide schools for each activity. Most university programs either contract out the guiding or have a generic guide school for all of their guides, who then must apprentice each activity. OA is large enough to offer sport-specific training. It can therefore be more thorough and comprehensive. Application will be available at OA's Rental Center in the weeks prior the guide school. Applicants may be called back to do an interview. Finally, the selected few will be allowed to register for this training. After guide school, "TAs" will need to get CPR and WFA (or WFR/EMT) certified, in addition to working as a TA on a few trips.

Rock Climbing

Health Care

Baja Sea Kayak




Advanced Rafting

Sea Kayaking


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2012-06-05 19:16:15   Make sure you double-check fees on the website before believing employees on the phone. —karinp

2013-02-13 00:43:54   Does OA offer any backpacking trips designed for more experienced backpackers? I've been looking for a better way to find fellow backpackers to go on trips with at davis, but I'm not sure if this is really the right place to do that —ZacMillersmith

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