Peter Wagner


Peter is Davis' second-most famous inventor, after [wikipedia]Paul Moller of Moller International (Peter bristles at the comparison, pointing out that Paul didn't actually build his craft, and it doesn't work yet, while Peter has built over a hundred of his vehicles). Peter is the creator of the Whymcycle. He pays for this habit by being a substitute teacher at the DJUSD. He's a real-life [wikipedia]Wallace. Like Wallace, he is eminently friendly and always happy to discuss his projects -and let kids ride them- wherever he is found. He's currently building a large bicycle sculpture for the new Explorit Science Center building. He works out of his garage in his West Davis house.

Peter as he hops onto his latest (finished 2005-11-12) Whymcycle and zooms off:

[WWW]"The Bicycle Recycler" —'s article about Peter

Peter won fastest time at the [WWW]2009 Kinetic Sculpture Race in Humboldt with his creation, Big Friendly Giraffe.

peterwagner1.jpg peterwagner2.jpg bouncinggiraffe.jpgPeter at 2009 Kinetic Sculpture Race Photo by Chelsea Hoff-Brown

ZZ060417_150855.jpgPeter's front yard 2006-04-17

Mr. Wagner subbed for my Holmes PE class once, it was awesome. —StevenDaubert

Mr. Wagner has become famous on the "WTF Picture" Website as well I see- [WWW]; —Rossetto07
Peter & family were featured on the "Good Morning Korea" show in January 2009 for a 'Green' Planet, save the planet blurb:

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