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Pets: Some people cuddle their beloved critters, some people toss their grubby hamsters in smelly cages, some sun their lizards in a perfect replication of the Hawaiian islands. Others just spoil their cats or dogs. Regardless, Davisites love their pets. Need food or supplies? Try Pet Stores. Have you lost a pet? Report it at Lost Pets. Sick pet? We've got veterinarians. There's also support for those who've had a pet pass away. Check out the Pet Loss Support Hotline. There's always Pet Sitting, if you need someone to care for your little bugger when you're away. Pet transportation services will get your pet where it needs to go, while pet grooming will make it look better when it gets there. If you don't already have a pet, and you think you'd make a good pet owner, consider adopting a pet. It is also responsible to think about how you would provide for your pet during an emergency.

All dogs living in Yolo County are required by law to be licensed; cat licenses are voluntary. The fees are $15 for altered and $30 for unaltered, per year. See [WWW]Yolo County Animal Services for details.

Do not buy/adopt a pet if:

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