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 Actually, he said no one in the frat is "over the age of 30". If he's exactly 30, it's an accurate statement.

[WWW]Phi Delta Theta is represented on Campus by the California Epsilon chapter.

UCD's chapter is currently in the state of recolonizing and is in the process of becoming an active chartered fraternity. There are currently 52 (re-)founding fathers, and they're on track to become one of the largest and most active fraternities on campus. Phi Delta Theta is in the process of reclaiming its old 336 C st. house, which will undergo extensive renovation.

The fraternity is trying to overcome its tarnished image after its role in the first alcohol poisoning death in UC Davis's 95 history to that point.

Current President: Charlie Colato


In 2000 a [WWW]member became the first UC Davis student in 95 years to die of alcohol poisoning. At this time, the fraternity was already on campus probation for drinking and hazing problems. Eventually, in 2006, the charter was pulled (a member cited financial issues as the reason) and the fraternity was officially closed.

During the 2010/2011 academic year, the chapter started up again with completely new people.

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I believe they are not on campus any longer as their charter was taken away from their national organization. —DanielFriedman

2006-07-21 17:44:52   During HB2K5 when the MedEvac Helicopter was landing on Slaughterhouse Island to give emergency care to the person who drowned, all of the boats respectfully and somberly stopped the music on their boats and kept hardcore partying to a bare minimum during the crisis. All that is except two boats docked very close to ours who just happened to be the Upstanding Gentleman of this house. I have never been so ashamed of another person or the Greek system in my life. Haven't met any since then but the ones I did meet. egh... —JonathanNasca

2006-08-14 10:53:31   We were shut down due to financial issues but will be reopening with a new group and remodeled house in about 2 years. —DrewTanguay

2011-06-06 15:59:30 So the legacy of this frat gets worse and worse. A friend has interacted with this frat a few times now, and reports they have members who are over 30! What kind of loser joins a frat in their 30s? Way to go Pi Delta Creepers. —Jenkelly

2011-06-06 17:14:48 So a friend and I (hi Jen2!) are both in a sorority, we have had 2 run-ins with this frat in the last 2 weeks and decided to comment today. A few weeks ago we were at Little Prague when this drunk guy who looked like an ex-con, comes up and hits on us. The guy looks at least 35 and has like a prison spider web tattoo on his elbow. We say no we only date frat guys, hoping to gently let him down, he responds that he is in Pi Delta Theta...ewww. What kind of frat has 35 year old members? And I guess if you are over 30 and going to join a frat, this is the one. —JennieMay

2011-06-06 23:58:46   As the president for this fraternity, I can personally attest that NONE of our members are over the age of 30. We deleted the comments posted because they were false. Frankly, I don't feel that addressing lies are worth my time because next thing you know people will start asking for birth certificates or something crazy like that. If you want to judge our fraternity based on one member—go ahead! Just know that this "old guy" is still in his 20s and put his ass on the line when he fought the war on terrorism in Iraq. Maybe he just had a bad day at little Prague? Maybe he is a creeper. Tell me what organization you're a part of and I'll tell you just how perfect you are. —CharlieColato

2011-06-07 11:37:05   So I did a little more research. I talked to a few friends of friends and really used my social network, and I found out the the president of this frat is 30. The same person who is denying anyone in the frat is 30. I mean why lie about your age unless you're trying to bag 18 year olds (GROSS)! These guys can continue to lie all they want but I'm telling all my sisters to spread the news, this is the old creeper frat. BTW going to Iraq is way cool, but doesn't make it ok to be 30 or older and in a frat. —JennieMay

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