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The Department of Physics consists of 44 faculty members active in research, ten Emeritus Professors, 20-25 research associates and post-doctoral physicists, 112 graduate students, and over 150 undergraduates majoring in physics and applied physics. During 2005 they joined in celebrating the World Year of Physics.

The Physics Department is located in the Physics building and offers B.S. and B.A. as well as Masters and Ph.D. degrees. They have many classes in Roessler Hall and the Earth and Physical Sciences Building.


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2013-05-13 16:15:21   I hate the DL sections not because they are constructivist, but because the social demands are extremely high and I have learned jack shit there. "Hands-on learning" my ass, all we do is talk about the concepts, rarely do we actually get to do any experiments. It is so pointless when the professor does a much better job explaining the concepts than my peers. As someone with Asperger's, it is draining enough for me to have to walk around the campus and co-exist with thousands of strangers in such close proximity. The last thing I need is forced group "studying" for a grade. I feel bad for the one person in my group who tends to do all of the participation work. That is how it is when you force groupwork on non-collaborative activities. —Chelsea744

2013-11-06 09:32:45   The physics 7 series has got to be the worst class series at Davis. It is absolutely absurd. Lectures are useless so you are pretty much dependent on DL to learn everything. . .. . But guess what?! Those are useless too! Recipe for success, right? Don't get me wrong, I have had some amazing TA's and some really fun times in DL's, but that's all it is- a social interaction. We barely go over topics in class and what we do go over are very simplified views of the topics. So you may leave DL feeling confident, but then you are quizzed on bullshit that you have never seen or barely gone over before. Absolutely absurd! Apparently this class was redesigned in this format to better prepare students for the MCAT. . . Well, as someone who is currently studying for the MCAT, let me tell you that it is not working! My weakest subject is physics due to the terrible teaching practices in the 7 series. I feel so unprepared it makes me want to pull my hair out. And can we just take a second to recognize that physics is one of the few departments that allows grad students to teach it? I mean, it is common for the DL instructors to all be grad students, but I expect a PhD as my lecturer, but hat is not the case. I am not paying thousands of dollars a year to be taught by students. I absolutely hate this series and if there was a way of avoiding it, I would. Unfortunately it is required for my major and for med schools. And for all of you who may say I am just bitter because I got a bad grade, I have gotten good grades every class of the physics 7 series, but that doesn't mean I learned anything. I want to learn and understand, not just get an A and move on. This series sucks. —Shay7B

2013-11-06 19:40:45   If you're having trouble understanding the material in the Physics 7 series, I highly recommend the Physics 7 support workshops offered by the Student Academic Success Center in Dutton Hall. [WWW]See here for schedules. P.S. Having a PhD does not necessarily correlate to being able to usefully explain the material. —BarnabasTruman

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