Pioneer Elementary School

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Location 5215 Hamel Street
Principal Deborah Brayton
Phone (530) 757-5480
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District one of the Schools in the DJUSD

Pioneer School is one of the schools in the Davis Joint Unified School District, and home of the Pioneer Prairie Dogs. Located in South Davis; it adjoins the Pioneer Park.


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2010-02-02 21:56:13   I used to go to this school they say Pioneer is "Home of the Prairie Dogs"
I remembered this one time when my friends and i found a prairie Dog and some kid went to tell a staff member about it (in a Hey look a Prairie Dog Manner).
The staff came back with a bucket of water and poured a bucket of water down the Dog's Hole.
the staff members feared rabies. It was a good decision in terms of safety for us kids but a bad decision in terms of the Dog's health. D: —DarkArchon

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