Pitchers of beer are:

Presumably due to this last item, several Davis bars have stopped offering pitchers. This page will help us find places where our friends can still pick up glasses and share a round.

Some Pitchers are part of Happy Hour Specials

Does anyone know of more places that still have pitchers? Please fill in the rest

Sudwerk no longer carries pitchers, although they sometimes look the other way if you order a liter (~half a pitcher?) and share it among your legal-age friends like it was one.

A Pitcher is also the unit of reward for the annual Butterflies for Beer contest.

Sharing pitchers with underage buddies is a very bad way of trying to get alcohol for / as a minor. It makes it too easy to get caught, including the buyer (criminal penalties) as well as getting the bartender and business in trouble. It also discourages places from serving pitchers to the rest of us.

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