Playboy Millionaires


playboys.jpgGriffin, Joe, and Jaizi (left to right) in a photo collage.

As self-proclaimed rivals of ChoadBot, the Playboy Millionaires brought the the fog machine to the scene. Griffin Walker, who joined Jazi and Joe shortly after the band was formed, was a cool & collected addition to this rockin' powerhouse. Dan Glendening also performed with the band at live shows when he plays the fog machine.

The Playboy Millionaires played their last show on September 24, 2005 at Delta of Venus.


playboys_last_song.jpgThe Playboy Millionaires get a good cheer before playing their last song together.

Guitarist/vocalist Joe Finkel stomped his boots while drummer Jaizi Abedania bangs on a can of beef menudo (no lie!).

Jaizi, Joe, and Griffin are all incredibly hot.

They also have a [WWW]Myspace account with songs.

Some photos

playboys_smile.jpgGriffin gives Joe a smile at a CoHo show. pm_griffin.JPGGriffin holding up the bass line pm_jaizi.JPGJaizi pounding the skins pm_joe.JPGJoe rocking out with a guitar solo pm_dan.JPGDan behind the stage with the fog machine


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2004-11-22 07:22:21   This band is a bunch of pot smoking alcoholics. They party like a bunch of millionaire playboys. - RobRoy

2004-11-28 13:52:52   They only date super models. - JenndelaVega

2005-04-03 22:44:39   And they gave Charlize Theron herpes —AndyPastalaniec

2005-04-18 02:39:15   Don't break my stuff, assholes. —HeatherKlinger

2005-04-18 02:39:31   But, I do love you guys. —HeatherKlinger

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