Plethora vs. Dearth in Davis


With so many items on the Davis Wish List, it's amazing how many of those needs go unfulfilled while others multiply exponentially. This page explores that which Davis has too many and too little of.

It's interesting to observe how quickly a dearth becomes a plethora. In early 2007, Davis had zero frozen yogurt stores. In a mere three years, that number jumped to 6!

Many of these are foods, and most of those relate to how common various cuisines are throughout the country. Some of the most complained about local items in Plethora are things that are simply unavailable or far worse everywhere outside of our region. Some people seem to be sharply critical of local cuisine, possibly because of familiarity and the fact that by having a spectrum of choices, you can be critical of those you don't like. For instance, the perpetual fight over how authentic Davis's Mexican, TexMex and Southwestern restaurants are becomes amusing when the perspective is added that most places in the country have a choice of Chili's or Taco Bell, or if they are really lucky, a Qdoba.

The flip side is that people from a region where a particular cuisine is common generally have high density miss the fact that the large pool of choices generally gave them better options, either more to their taste or simply that when there are two dozen Italian places within easy driving distance, at least a couple are likely to be far better than the norm. The lack of density results in a likelyhood that whatever happens to be close is likely mediocre... and [WWW]Davis is not alone in this. From the two dozen Italian places within several hours of driving from Davis, there are some really good ones... they just aren't likely to be close.

One solution would be to simply celebrate what is at hand: Davis can only support a limited number of restaurants. Are you willing to give up the choice and competition in Thai or sushi places for some Italian or BBQ?



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