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Pictures, videos, audio, or texts about pornography or what some people call the "good stuff".

Where to find it in Davis

PublicPubic screenings

In the past, UC Davis has been host to free public screenings of pornographic movies. [WWW]For example, in 2009, ASUCD's Entertainment Council filled SciLec with viewers eager to see Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge on the biggest screen of the biggest lecture hall on campus.

Outside of Davis

Pornography In The Dorms

Pornography is particularly annoying when everyone in the dorms simultaneously realizes that cyber-nudies are available at 10mb/s. When spring fever hits, it's possible one giddy person will hog up all the bandwidth and affect everyone else. It's truly disturbing to sneak into a roommates room and see the weird fudge he's downloading. Wild. Taking a picture of his screen with a digicam provides good laughs and possible blackmailing later on! For more nakedness, see: Sex.


Understandably, production is kept fairly quiet. Any local noted pornographers, feel free to add yourselves.

In Peets (downtown) the other day, I saw some weird guy peddling porn...just something random—ArianeMetz

Hrmm I don't like the implication that porn is worse than erotica or that a good person wouldn't be associated with porn... (see note about SuicideGirls). It's fine if people wanna differentiate between erotica and porn, but not if we're making value judgements about porn/erotica and the people involved in them. — JenniferGiang

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