Pornography Van


This is just one of the unique vehicles that have been seen in Davis. It was sighted in the Davis Manor parking lot prior to the remodel. Photos were taken 2-14-1997.

porn_van_side.jpgclick for full size to get the full effect

porn_van_back.jpgclick for full size to get the full effect


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2005-06-27 21:12:13   I lived in Natomas for several years, and I saw it many times driving into downtown on 160. It liked to park across the street from Goldies Adult Superstore on North 12th. —RogerClark

2005-11-09 19:30:02   That's a pretty sick vehicle. Never seen it, though... —JohnDudek

2005-11-09 19:39:12   This reminds me of the "Smut Mobile" circa 1960. Mad Magazine successfully sued to get their magazine removed from it. Some things never change. —SteveDavison

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