Portlandia is a lovingly mocking television show about Portland, Oregon and occasionally the rest of the west coast. Starring Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen, it is a series of often surreal skits.

In the third episode of the third season, one of the recurring skits was a series of mock public service announcements by the Portland Milk Advisory Board. They advocated various alternative milks such as zucchini milk and berry seed milk in a staccato back and forth between two people in lab coats standing amid beakers of colored water. At one point, the boss is surprised that there's been actual research performed.

Alicia Well, we are scientists
Royce   Are we?
Alicia I am. I went to UC Davis.
Royce Gooooo Davis!

shot01.jpgAfter disavowing zucchini milk due to side effects of hearing loss... shot02.jpg...berry seed juice is touted with many benefits... shot03.jpg...which confuses the boss, who never attended UC Davis. shot04.jpgMmmm, milk. Sort of.

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