Proof of Age for Alcohol


In order to consume or purchase alcohol in the United States of America you must be at least 21 years of age. Most restaurants, bars, liquor stores, grocery stores, and any other establishment that sells alcoholic beverages will require its clientèle to show proof that they are actually 21 years old or older. While there are general laws that all vendors must follow, many establishments have procedures that go beyond the state's minimum requirements. This page is a list of establishments that serve alcohol, along with what form of ID they accept as proof of age. The goal is for everyone to know in advance what is required at these establishments so conflicts are avoided at the register.

Note that ever since 2010, military IDs and passports that contain a photo and date of birth are acceptable forms of identification, regardless of whether they have a physical description of the person on them. This means that if the seller checked these forms of ID carefully it is equivalent in the eyes of the law as to if the employer checked a state issued photo ID or drivers license. However, this does not mean the employer is required to serve you when you present such identification. Some vendors have stricter ID requirements.

M = military ID
DL = all drivers licenses and state IDs
CADL = CA drivers licenses and state IDs
P = passports
FID = foreign IDs

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Restaurants and Bars

Stores that Sell Alcohol

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