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1992 at University of California, San Diego
Gamma Chapter, Founded Spring 1997
[WWW] (Alpha Chapter)
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Psi Chi Omega (ΨΧΩ) aka "Psi Chi's" or "PsyChO's" is an Asian-American Interest Fraternity whose brothers pride themselves on the three pillars; Integrity, Perseverance, and Eternal Brotherhood. Psi Chi Omega strives to achieve excellence among individual brothers with regards to academics, athletics, social development, and campus involvement. We actively participate in brotherhood events with our other three chapters in events such as annual ski and camping trips. We also hold regular social exchanges with many Asian-American Sororities all across the campuses of Northern California. Psi Chi Omega provides the tools needed in building well-rounded men who will be prepared in entering the "real world" after college. Although the foundation of Psi Chi Omega is Asian-American Interest, we pride ourselves in our diversity as our brothers range from Caucasian, Hispanic, Korean, Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and more. Our men's rush are primarily scheduled for the first week of Fall and Spring quarters, whereas Lil Sis rush is held during the beginning of Winter quarter.


Campus Involvement

Campus involvement and community service are important aspects of Psi Chi Omega. In the past, we have helped with Asian American Association (AAA) with putting on their annual Asian American Film Festival. Also, we have participated in Relay For Life to provide awareness for cancer research.
We can also be seen on various Davis football, basketball, and volleyball games selling concessions and showing support our for the Aggies.

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General History


It all started rather casually in the University of California Price Center. Brothers Rob, Hoai, Frank, Nick, Kim and Doug were engaged in an intense discussion on the Greek Fraternity system and the role of Asian-Americans in this complex network. The focal point of the conversation dealt with the paradoxical need for maintaining a unique Asian identity, while at the same time being to acculturate into the already existing fraternal establishment. The brothers concluded that an organization with an Asian-American emphasis, and an outlook which understands the importance of integration over isolation, could be successful in linking these two cultures. Thus, from humble beginnings, the foundation of a unique Asian-American fraternity was born.

On January 24, 1992, twenty-six ambitious founding fathers brought Psi Chi Omega into existence. The Brothers of Psi Chi Omega have since been working to establish traditions which promote excellence through integrity, perseverance, and eternal brotherhood. By providing opportunities to expand scholastic capabilities, enhance leadership skills, and be involved in all cultures, the members of Psi Chi Omega strive to achieve a better understand of our unique, Asian-American Heritage.


Alpha Chapter (A) - University of California, San Diego
Beta Chapter (B) - University of California, Riverside
Gamma Chapter (Γ) - University of California, Davis
Delta Chapter (Δ) - University of California, Santa Cruz

Gamma Chapter History

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During the Spring of 1995, a group of ambitious men at the University of California, Davis, assembled in the Mee Room of the Memorial Union to discuss the possibilities of creating a new Asian-American fraternity. Out of this long and arduous search, sprung eleven strong minded individuals who gained a renewed sense of awareness about themselves, and what they were looking for in a fraternity. All of the Brothers agreed that the fundamental principle of a fraternity is the unity found in brotherhood. Stuff like Integrity, Perseverance, and Eternal Brotherhood. Due to its seemingly strong interchapter relationships they chose Psi Chi Omega to be their national organization.

Consequently, the Brothers of Gamma Colony accepted Psi Chi Omega's bid to establish a new fraternity at the University of California, Davis on February of 1996 and was ultimately chapterized on January 24, 1997. As their fraternity perpetually grows, their underlying goals continue to be the devotion to their chapters and an uncompromising commitment Brotherhood.

Lil Sis Program

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The Psi Chi Lil Sis program was first developed in winter 2004 to allow young college age women to enter fraternity/sorority life without having to commit full time obligations and duties of being an official member. The Lil Sis Program strives to achieve camaraderie and friendship among the brothers and Lil Sis of the program with exciting social events. The program also seeks provides academic support with weekly study hours. However, the ultimate goal of the Lil Sis Program is to create an eternal bond of friendship between the brothers and their little sisters.


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