Purrfection Pet Watch



(530) 756-7157

Purrfection Pet Watch is a pet sitting service. Diane Pierzinski will sit your cat, dog, bird or exotic pet. She also does house sitting for those without pets. She is bonded, licensed and insured.

You can reach Purrfection Pet Watch by calling (530-756-7157) or emailing - purrfectionpetwatch@comcast.net


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2007-10-16 19:37:46   Diane came over to take care of my dog while I was out of town for the weekend and I was very impressed with how thorough and professional she was-she had thought of everything in advance (authorizations for emergency vet treatment, what kind of training you currently do with the dog, making sure I had arrived home even when it was late so that Judge wouldn't be left alone if my plane had been delayed, etc.) and had everything written down which reassured me it wouldn't be forgotten. She even left a sweet note with how Judge did each day on her 2 visits & what they did. I would recommed her to anyone who needs a pet sitter while going on vacation. —Judge

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