Quick Shop Market

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quick_shop_2005.jpgQuick Shop in the summer of 2005.

1964 East 8th St. the corner of E. 8th St & Pole Line
Sun-Thu open 'till 11pm, Fri-Sat 'till 2am
(530) 231-5616

quickshopmarket.jpgTheir sign, at night. The 'stop' logo is why many mistakingly call this "Quick Stop"

The Quick Shop Market is your general 7-11 esq. convenience store. They sell wine, beer, hard alcohol, snack-food, bathroom necessities, cigarettes and other general merchandise. I've also noticed Bros buying kegs on the weekends. It's right across Pole Line Road from the Davis Cemetery.

Their periodicals are limited solely to pornography; if you can't find your barely legal pics anywhere else, you can probably find it here.

A keg of Natty Lite/Ice or Bud/Lite will cost you $74.99+tax.


On Saturday September 17th, 2011, a Russian clerk was [WWW]attacked in what the police are labeling a hate crimes.
Hate Crime enhancements were dropped against the man who did this, though his bail was raised to $1,010,000. He also discharged a firearm in the commission of this crime.

They have actual redbull for $1.99 for a limited time

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