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Race & Ethnicity are often issues of great importance to those outside the majority population. Even in the most "tolerant" or accepting environment, people may not necessarily wish to be exoticised by the larger community. In communities claiming racial tolerance, covert racism still often occurs, even in our progressively bucolic town of Davis. Some prospective students choose not to attend UC Davis for both these reasons.

Compound these issues with the inescapable university presence, bringing with it peoples of different countries, religions, lifestyles and habits, and the conditions for a myriad of misunderstandings are set. Especially within such a small town, it can become difficult for local government to adequately address and understand the needs of all its citizenry. Yet this combination of different cultures and ethnicities also leads to many of the things that make Davis special and which are embraced by the entire community, including a wide variety of foods, DDR, tapioca drinks, International House, and various culture days.

This page is the seed of a forum for addressing issues of race and ethnicity within Davis and a place to document and present historical context. Because of the breadth of this subject, additional information and discussions can be found within the section titled Related Wiki Pages.

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(Finding a definition that everybody agrees upon is a difficult, if not impossible endeavor. But for the sake of discussion, the following are presented as a basis.)


ethnic group




institutional racism

implicit bias

Races/Ethnic Groups in Davis

[see Demographics for a breakdown of ethnicities found within Davis as well as UC Davis]

No classification scheme is perfect, because there is no scientific evidence for anything resembling our culture's concept of "race".

In most cases, people use stereotypes based on appearance. Many of these may not be true for those who have assimilated into "mainstream" American culture; others may be blatantly false. Some may actually be true: white people do sunburn easily. However, these stereotypes do have an effect on people's thought processes, whether they want them to or not — putting things in groups is human nature. It is best to be aware of what stereotypes you believe, and be willing to change them or make exceptions to them at any time. In short, think for yourself.

Many of these common names have been adopted by different groups, which use these names as a way to unite people and build community behind a common ethnicity. Example groups include [wikipedia]NAACP, APIQ, and various fraternities and sororities.

Incidents of Racism

Detailed below are some publicly reported incidents of racism which highlight a community problem. See also Police Misconduct Stories.

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Public Commentary

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Campus Organizations


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