Radio Towers


Radios towers (wireless telecommunications facilities), providing communication signals for radio stations, as well as cable television service within the City of Davis fall under the city's [WWW]Telecommunications Facilities Ordinance, incorporated within [WWW]Chapter 40ยง29 of the Davis City Code. The city has established a [WWW]Telecommunications Task Force charged with issues related to the development of a telecommunications and/or cable ordinance, participating in needs assessments and gathering information about telecommunications issues, and making recommendations to the Davis City Council on telecommunications issues.

In 2011 KDVS proposed a new power at the Yolo County Central Landfill after 15 years of searching. Neil Ruud wrote [WWW]an op-ed in the Davis Voice about the need for the tower.

    1. Active communications towers
    2. Communication towers not in service

Active communications towers

ucdtrs.jpgVarious antennas, including the UC Davis trunked radio system near the Bulk Mail Center

Communication towers not in service

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