Ragtime Cowboy


Ragtime Cowboy is a traditional Aggie song performed by the California Aggie Marching Band-Uh. Wikipedia claims that "Ragtime Cowboy Joe is a popular song written by Maurice Abrahams in 1912. It was a number 1 hit song for Bob Roberts in 1912. Over the years, it has been performed by a diverse group of artists, ranging from Eddy Howard to The Chipmunks."

The Lyrics, as sung by the Aggie Band-Uh:

He always sings
Lazy music to his cattle as he swings
Back and forward in his saddle on a horse
(pretty good horse)

That is syncopated gaited
There is such a funny meter
To the roar of his repeater

How they run
When he shoots his gun
Because the western folks all know

He's a high-falootin' rootin' tootin'
Son of a gun from California
He's some cowboy
Talk about you're cowboy
Ragtime Cowboy Joe!

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